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Student Government Association


History of Executives


Throughout the years, SGA’s new executives have been elected on a unique platform designed to address the present concerns of the student body. However, there is a similarity between most candidates that stress the importance of key issues such as spirit, unity and tradition. With these issues in mind, the executives lead SGA every year to ensure the students’ needs are met!


2013-2014                   Aaron Barreiro, President

                                    Erik Sanchez, Vice-President

2012-2013                   Matthew Garcia, President

                                    Yadira Mejia, Vice-President

2011-2012                   Stephanie Corte, President

                                    George Galindo, Vice-President

2010-2011                   Alejandro Rodriguez, President

                                    Mark Allen, Vice-President

2009-2010                   Rhaguveer Puttagunta, President

                                    Shaney Flores, Vice-President

2008-2009                   Marcos Silva, President

                                    Rhaguveer Puttagunta, Vice-President