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March 01, 2015


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Opportunities for Internships/Practicums

How to apply

Counseling and Psychological Services is committed to contributing to the advancement of the mental health field through the training of new professionals. Our goal is to assist trainees grow both personally and professionally.

CaPS offers opportunities for Masters level internships/practicums, Pre-doctoral level internships/practicums, and Post-doctoral residencies each semester.

CaPS highly recommends that applicants submit their materials well in advance of their proposed start date.

The following must be included in your application packet:

  1. Counseling and Psychological Services Application
  2. Criminal Background Check Form
  3. Cover letter
  4. Résumé or curriculum vita
  5. Unofficial transcript
  6. One (1) letter of professional or academic reference
  7. Copies of any licensures/certifications attained

UTPA has an enrollment of approximately 18,000 students, about 2100 of whom are graduate students. About 59% of enrolled students are female and 41% are male. The average age of undergraduate students are 23 years of age, while graduate students average at 33 years old. The university has the most Hispanic faculty among the state institutions and educates the most Mexican-American students in the nation. About 86% of our population is Hispanic. The vast majority of our students come from Texas; however, the student population also represents about 27 other states. In addition, the student population includes approximately 800 students from about 46 countries. The majority of our students are receiving financial aid.

Interns/practicum students volunteering at CaPS often work with a range of client issues and diagnoses. Clients of CaPS also present a range of ages, religions, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. The role and philosophy of CaPS is comparable to that of a community mental health center. Psychotherapy services are available to currently enrolled students. Faculty and staff are referred to the Employee Assistance Program through Human Resources. Referrals to community agencies may also be provided to those who do not qualify for CaPS services. Services offered also include crisis intervention, outreach services, and psychoeducational programs.

Counseling and Psychological Services staff work collaboratively with Student Health Services (SHS), Disability Services (DA), Substance Abuse Services (SAS), Veterans Services Center, Office of the Dean of Students (DOS), University Police Department, Residence Life, Academic Advisement and Mentoring Center (AAMC), and Office of International Admissions and Services. Staff therapists also often consult with faculty members on addressing student concerns.

Required Trainee Activities

Orientation – Interns/practicum students are expected to participate in an extensive orientation during their first week at CaPS. The orientation includes information about services and activities provided through CaPS and tours of affiliated departments.

CaPS Staff Meetings - CaPS' weekly staff meetings are scheduled on Tuesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Individual Supervision - Interns/practicum students are assigned a primary clinical supervisor with whom they meet for one hour of individual supervision per week.

Group Supervision - Group supervision offers opportunities to give case presentations, review audiotapes, receive peer feedback, and discuss professional development issues.

Evaluation and Feedback - Interns/practicum students receive periodic, formative evaluations throughout the semester and a final, summative evaluation at the end of their experience. Interns/practicum students are encouraged to discuss with their supervisors goals for supervision, progress towards those goals, and areas of supervision needing attention. Interns/practicum students are also asked to evaluate the training program itself and provide feedback for suggestions for improvement to the supervision process and practicum/internship program.

Student Health Services Staffings - Once per month, CaPS therapists meet with providers from SHS to consult about mutual cases and discuss medication issues, diagnoses, and other pertinent topics.


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