The University of Texas-Pan American
September 30, 2016

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Mission Statement

The department of College Access and Support Programs contributes to the mission of the Division of Student Affairs at The University of Texas-Pan American by serving select populations of students traditionally underrepresented in higher education. We serve our students by promoting the completion of secondary education, facilitating the acquisition of skills for academic success, and providing post-secondary education access and transition services

We endeavor to fulfill this mission by accomplishing the following goals

  • Serve as advocates for access to higher education.  *
  • Identify, reach out to, recruit and select individuals who are traditionally underrepresented in post-secondary education.
  • Provide services to assist individuals to achieve their educational goals. *
  • Facilitate the educational development of individuals served. *
  • Develop collaborative relationships with institutions, organizations, and communities to promote and environment conductive to the completion of a post-secondary education.  *
  • Provide opportunities to the individuals served that will enable them to become productive members of their communities.
  • Increase the awareness of parents of program participants concerning post-secondary educational processes.

(*- Goal based on Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education [CAS] standards for TRIO and Other Educational Opportunity Programs, part 1: MISSION).

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