The University of Texas-Pan American
October 24, 2016

Association of Migrant Students

About AMS

To all UTPA Students,

Tired of working hard? Tired of migrating up north? Well we are here to tell you it does not end. But the good news is that we are all in it together! And it is together that we will face the upcoming challenges that will arise as we enter the world of education and student organizations. We are the Association of Migrants Students (AMS).

Somos alegres, sociales, responsables y trabajadores. Recuerden que aqui estamos para apoyarlos. Somos o no somos y si no somos pues nos hacemos. "Agusado." "Cuenten hasta diez" y "ojo mucho ojo."

And now that we have your attention...

Welcome to the Association of Migrant Students' webpage. Here you will find information about our constitution, meetings, pictures of events and much more.

-AMS Officers

Information - contact Sandra Garza the AMS staff advisor at to learn more about AMS
Meetings and Fundraisers

1201 W. University Drive Edinburg, TX 78539-2999
956/665-UTPA  1-866-441-UTPA
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