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Pedro Salas
Warehouse Supervisor
Central Receiving/Surplus

Hours of Operation

  • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Monday thru Friday (Except holidays)

Welcome To Central Receiving

Mission Statement

The mission of Central Receiving is to receive, inspect and deliver goods to the University community in a timely manner and ensure the electronic receipt for items are recorded promptly. We also provide surplus property services to the University community in the most timely and efficient manner possible so as to assure that UTPA’s assets are being used to their fullest capabilities.

Processes / Procedures

  • eShipGlobal

  • SCLogic

  • Receiving Procedures

  • Direct Deliveries

  • Collect Shipments

  • Non-Purchased Materials

  • Unacceptable Deliveries

  • Processing of Materials

  • Delivery of Materials

    Central Receiving will make delivery of material to the requesting department as indicated in the purchase order record. Deliveries to departments are usually made within the same day or not later than the next morning after receipt by Central Receiving. Peak receiving periods (Aug –Sep) may extend the delivery time unless special handling is required. The delivery clerk will be required to obtain the signature of the individual accepting the materials for the requesting department. The number of cartons delivered should be verified against the delivery log before signature. After signing for packages the requesting department is urged to verify the contents of each carton against the purchase order immediately to make sure the order is complete.

    Installation or assembly requirements should be requested on the requisition so that the Purchasing Department may include them in the purchase order to the vendor. Departments may also choose to have installation or assembly performed by the University’s Physical Plant. Departments are however advised to communicate their requirements to the Physical Plant before submittal of these requisitions to the Purchasing Department.

    Note: Central Receiving delivers inbound packages to one designated location within each department. This single delivery location must be identified by the respective departments. It is the departments’ responsibility to distribute packages within their own department after the driver leaves. In order to prevent delays, delivery drivers will not deliver items to areas other than the single delivery location designated by each department. Central Receiving staff are not responsible for opening cartons, stocking shelves, or installation and assembly of items being delivered.

    Materials will not be delivered to Work Study personnel unless previous arrangements have been made with Central Receiving.

  • Materials Returns

  • Outbound Shipments

  • Storage of Materials

  • Express Services