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    UTPA is at the forefront for scholarship and research related to sustainability topics.  The university’s six colleges all participate in sustainability-related research through formally established agencies as well as individually formed groups of students and faculty members who are dedicated to integrating their research into classroom teachings.  This commitment of the UTPA community continues to add knowledge and understanding of sustainability, and incorporate that into professional and personal lives.


    Specifically, faculty of the College of Science and Engineering actively engage students in research related to the impact that human actions have on the environment, with projects that develop alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power, as well as protecting water quality of the Rio South Texas region.  The library of UTPA contains resources as well as knowledgeable staff who can assist students and faculty in their research pursuits.


    The scientists, engineers, and economists at UTPA are working together to develop sustainability research that will respond to climate change, economic problems, and social justice.  They are bringing the newest advances in technology and changes in human behavior, all of which relies on innovative cross-disciplinary research.  This dialogue, conducted on a regional, national, and transnational level, is aimed at bringing information to business leaders, policy advisors, and the media to help create a more informed public of the advantages of the research done on campus.


    Research at UTPA in the area of sustainability is increasing as efforts focus on bridging disciplines and conducing socially relevant work.  This plan posits sustainability research as key in the strategic priority of encouraging the UTPA community to encourage pedagogic research in this area.  While seeking opportunities for faculty and students, UTPA promotes research development in the area of sustainability across the broad swath of departments and research institutes.  Our intention is to undertake evidence-based research in this interdisciplinary field, in search of financial support for education for sustainability in programs at the university.





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