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October 22, 2016

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Hazard Communication Training
This course is mandatory for employees who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals during the course of their normal employment activities through any route of entry, including inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, or absorption. Typical employees include physical plant employees, laboratory personnel, and housekeeping personnel. Training includes hazard recognition, the use of material safety data sheets (MSDS), container labeling, safe work practices and the use of engineering controls or personal protective equipment. This class is mandated to be taken prior to working with hazardous materials.  
Hazard Communication Training PPT.
Laboratory Safety Training
Laboratory safety training is required for all personell who work in a research laboratory and are potentially exposed to a chemical or biological agent. 
Laboratory Safety Training PPT.
Bloodborne Pathogen Training
All personnel who are potentially exposed to to a bloodborne pathogen are required to attend a bloodborne pathogen training class.   The course is designed specifically for administrative, custodial services, facilities management, UTPA Athletics, and UTPA Police Department staff. Clinical staff, whose only risk of exposure to infectious agents is from blood or other potentially infectious materials, may also attend this course. All personnel potentially exposed to a bloodborne pathogen are required to attend the class within 30 days of initial assignment to tasks where occupational exposure may take place and annual refresher training is to be taken within 1 year of the employee’s previous training.
Bloodborne Pathogen Training ppt.
Radiation Safety Training
Radiation Safety Training is required for all personnel who work with radioactive materials , x-rays sources or lasers. Training is conducted on an "as needed" basis for laboratory principal investigators and their respective employees. Contact the DEHS to setup a training class. Personnel who do not work specifically with radioactive materials but work in the laboratory are required to attend awarensss training.
UTPA - Radioactive Material Training ppt.
UTPA - Radiation X-Ray Training ppt.
UTPA - Laser Safety Training ppt.
Animal Care Training
All personnel who are involved in research or teaching activites that inolve coming into contact with animals  are required to attend Animal Care Safety training. Training is conducted on an "as needed" basis for laboratory principal investigators and their respective employees. Contact the DEHS to setup a training class.
UTPA - Animal Care Safety ppt.
Brochure - Allergies
Animal Specific Training - Mice
Animal Specific Training - Rat
Physical Safety Training
A myriad of training classes are required for all physical plant personnel who are potentialy exposed to a variety of physical hazards during the routine performance of their respective job duties. They include the following courses :
UTPA - Fire Protection
UTPA - Accident Prevention - Signs and Tags
UTPA - Personal Protective Equipment
UTPA - Repsiratory Protection
UTPA - Hearing Conservation
UTPA - Heat Stress
UTPA - Back Safety / Ergonomics
UTPA - Electrical Safety
UTPA - Fall Protection
UTPA - Confined Space
UTPA - Welding Cutting and Brazing
UTPA - Tree Trimming 
UTPA - Hazard Awareness (Chemical, Biological, Radiological)
UTPA - Mold Awareness
CPR/First Aid
Bloodborne Pathogen
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