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September 25, 2016

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Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures

Laboratory Related Waste
Medical/Biological/Infectious Related Waste
Facilities Related Waste

Disposal of all regulated waste streams is facilitated by either using the hazardous waste line or by email. General instructions below :

Hazardous Waste Line (292-7256)

Call the Waste Line at (956)292-7256 and follow the instructions given.

Press 1 for chemical waste
Press 2 for biological waste
Press 3 for recyclable toner cartridges

Provide the following information in your message:

Building and lab room number
Type and volume of waste

Hazardous Waste Email

E-mail requests for hazardous/regulated waste may be made to the Hazardous Waste Email

or submit an email to with the following information

Building: (SCN, ENG , PHYS etc)
1. Is request for chemical, fixer, or both?
Biological Materials
Radioactive Materials
2. Number of containers for pickup
Solid, liquid or gas
3. Do you need a replacement container ? Yes or No?
4. Is the material properly labeled? Yes or No?


Laboratory Related Waste

Chemical Waste

Storage Mandates

How to properly label a hazardous waste storage container

Waste must be stored in compatible containers;
Containers must be closed at all times;
Waste must be removed from storage within 72 hours of filling container;
Waste must be labeled with a term describing the waste contained in the container i.e. (solvent waste)


Liquid & Solid - Place waste in compatible container, then secondary containment (i.e. plastic tub), complete and attach "Hazardous Waste" tag,

Empty containers - Deface chemical name, label "Housekeeping," place by regular trash.

Broken glass - Place in container or cardboard box labeled "broken glass," seal with tape, label "Housekeeping,".

Pharmaceuticals - Call hazardous waste line or email

For collection, Call hazardous waste line (292-7256) or email

Medical/Biological/Infectious Related Waste


Store waste in leakproof containers; Sharps must be placed in approved sharps containers. DO NOT OVERFILL CONTAINERS!


Solid - Autoclave, dispose of in designated container in autoclave area, record activities in log book.

If you do not have access to an autoclave:

Place in approved biohazard container. Containers are supplied by DEHS.

Liquid - Add disinfectant (EPA-registered, bleach, 2-propanol), let sit for 3 minutes, pour down drain, record activities in log book.

- Place in approved "Sharps" containers. Sharps containers are provided free by the DEHS. .

- Segregate animal carcass from associated waste (plastic, paper, bedding) . Place in approved biohazard container.

- Place in approved biohazard container. Containers supplied by DEHS.

For collection, Call hazardous waste line (292-7256) or email


Facility Related Waste

Used Mercury Containing Lamps

Place in original containers
When full, seal with tape
Write “Used lamps” on outside of box

Place at designated area in the physical plant compound

UTPA will crush bulbs and will arrange pickup from outside transporter

Used Fluorescent Light Ballasts

Place in drums located in UTPA physical plant compund

Ballasts will be sent offsite for recycling through an outside transporter

Used Oil

Used oil (motor oil, compressor oil, transmission fluid, etc.)
Do not mix with other waste (solvents, cleaning agents, etc.)

Place at designated recycling container near physical plant autoshop.

Waste generated from laboratories

Place in appropriate containers.

For collection, Call hazardous waste line (292-7256) or email

Lead-Acid batteries, Ni-Cd, and Lithium batteries eligible for recycling
Household alkaline batteries are not recyclable
Collect in leak proof container (5 gallon container, etc.)
Insulate battery terminals

For collection, Call hazardous waste line (292-7256) or email


All paints and associated paint thinners are bulked and shipped for recycling.

For collection, Call hazardous waste line (292-7256) or email


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