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Environmental Health and Safety
September 27, 2016

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Welcome to the Environmental Health and Safety Web Site

The Mission of the Department of Environment Health and Safety is to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for faculty, staff, and students, to promote work practices that do not harm the environment, comply with any and all rules and regulations pertaining to occupational health and safety and the environment, and to protect University resources through sound administration of the University’s insurance coverage. Our goal is to ensure that the campus community is just as healthy and safe when they leave at the end of the day as when they arrived.
 Motto: "Seguridad - It's in Everyone's Job Description!"

The success of our department  is dependent on the successful integration of our programs into all of the academic and support programs, as well as the active participation of the entire campus community. It's important that all of the campus community be aware of environmental health and safety rules and regulations as it applies to their workplace and notify the safety department in the event that a recognizable hazard exists.


Crisis Management Plan - Desk Reference Guide


Emergency Contact Information
Medical Emergency - 911
Fire or Other Emergency - 911
Chemical Spill / Radioative Spill  911 or 665-3690
Poison Center - 1-800-222-1222
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1201 W. University Drive Edinburg, TX 78539-2999
956/381-UTPA  1-866-441-UTPA
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