Departmental Requests -Effective September 01, 2010

Parking on the University of Texas - Pan American campus is by permit only. Visitors, or individuals not enrolled or employed by the university must also display a visitor parking permit while utilizing university parking spaces. For convenience during brief visits, metered parking is available adjacent to some facilities.
Temporary visitor permits may be obtained at the Information Booth, Parking Services Office or Payments & Collections Office. 


Parking Lot Requests - USCHEDULE
If a department would like to reserve parking spaces in a parking lot for a special event, they may do so by submitting a request through Uschedule
The following parking spaces in the following lots may be reserved in Uschedule and are listed as a building, NOT a resource.
Lot A    53 spaces available.
Lot B    10 spaces available.
Lot C    6 spaces available.
Lot E    4 spaces available.
Lot F    4 spaces available
Lot P    10 spaces available
The University Police Department will barricade parking areas such as Lot A on the day of the scheduled event, there will be a minimum police charge of 2 hours to pay for the officer working the event. If lot A is requested, all events starting after 9 AM that require the Officer to stay longer than two (2) hours will be charged a fee of $60.00 if more than 10 spaces are requested. The fee includes PD personnel to monitor the parking lot and vehicles entering/exiting the lot. 
Due to numerous counts of events that are held on campus daily, we ask that you submit your request as far in advance as possible, your request for parking will be granted upon the availability of parking. Requests that require special arrangements, please contact Parking Manager, Melissa Sandoval at 956-665-2739 or by email at

If a citation for “no permit display” violation is received, the first one may be dismissed if visitor advises the Parking Services Office of their visitor status within 10 calendar days of citation issuance.  No subsequent citations will be dismissed.



Temporary Visitor Parking Permits - USCHEDULE


While the university welcomes visitors, visitors are expected to comply with university parking and traffic regulations and are responsible for citations issued for incorrect or improper parking. Below you will find the proper procedures to take when requesting parking permits for your guests.
Any department who would like to request one day temporary visitor parking permits may do so by submitting a request through Uschedule. Parking permits are listed as a 'resource' in Uschedule and NOT a building.
The following information must be included:
Requestor Name
Event Coordinator
Name of Guest(s)
Department Name
Event Start Date
Event End Date
Event Location
Event start time
Event end time
Number of visitor permits requesting
Temporary parking permits requested for longer than one day require the following additional information for any required IDT charges:
Project Name
Project Number
Expense Type
VIsitor parking permits are available for purchase for smaller groups:
One day visitor permits are free - May be picked up at the visitor information booth located in front of the SSBL
$2.00 for two days up to a week
$4.00 for up to two weeks
$8.00 for a month
$5.00 one day Zone 3 parking permits are available to visitors.  (These are by request only, requestor must provide an email with special visitor information i.e. name and purpose for being on campus.  Must supply a valid project name and project number for IDT charges to or