Resources for Students

The Information Security Office at UTPA is committed to protect your personal information and create a safe computing environment. The information below will provide you with the knowledge and tools to do your part to keep our University network and data secure.

Policies and Standards

There are many policies and standards that were created to inform our stance on different issues and what we can do to avoid them. As a student, it is important to understand what is the acceptable use of information resources and the different standards that were created to help in protecting your information.

Security Awareness

In concert with the UT Austin Information Security Office, the UTPA Information Security Office would like to remind students, faculty and staff to stay safe online. The information provided here focuses on important topics such as phishing scams, safe social networking, strong passwords and protecting the information on your computer. Tips and actionable steps people can take to improve cyber security here at the University are readily available. Four cyber security images-Toughen Up, Lock Up, Surf Up, and Heads Up-highlight the need to be alert to cyber threats, and are available as digital downloads.

Article: Cyber Security Awareness 2010