Resources for Faculty and Staff

Security Awareness

In concert with the UT Austin Information Security Office, the UTPA Information Security Office would like to remind students, faculty and staff to stay safe online. The information provided here focuses on important topics such as phishing scams, safe social networking, strong passwords and protecting the information on your computer. Tips and actionable steps people can take to improve cyber security here at the University are readily available. Four cyber security images Toughen Up, Lock Up, Surf's Up, and Heads Up highlight the need to be alert to cyber threats, and are available as digital downloads.

Article: Cyber Security Awareness 2010

Information Owner's Guide to Data Protection

This document is a guideline for University administrators and others who have the role of "Data Owners." It provides in depth information about the role, the responsibilities and recommendations for protecting the information.

Document: Information Owner's Guide to Data Protection (PDF)

Digital ID Certificates

Protect your contacts by assuring them that the integrity of the content they receive from you is intact - that it has not been tampered with or altered in transit. Open emails with the confidence that the content they obtained really came from you, helping you preserve your reputation and intellectual property. Encrypt email communications to make sure that sensitive information can only be read by the intended recipient(s). Digital signing/encrypting is easy to do and configure, simply follow the tutorial found here for tutorials on how to obtain and configure your digital Id on your device or computer.

Resource: Digital ID Tutorials

Spam and Virus Protection

One of the security measures that UTPA provides to protect your email is enterprise class spam and virus filtering. Emails that are potentially unwanted are quarantined so that you are able to white list any email that is safe. Once it is white listed, it will not be quarantined again.


Malware Protection

It is UTPA policy that all computers must have malware protection (anti-virus). Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection is licensed for all UTPA owned machines and deployed automatically to managed computers. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with your malware protection software so that you are able to better defend yourself.

Article: Malware Protection

Remote Access to Network (VPN)

A VPN connection is required to connect to the UTPA network. Through this secure connection you can access resources only available internally or use remote desktop to connect to your computer.


Server & Sensitive Data Registration

This tool is used for reporting the existence of a new or existent server. It is also used to document any resource that might contain sensitive data.

Resource: Server and Sensitive Data Registration

Whole Disk Encryption

All University mobile computers (laptops) must be encrypted to avoid the risk of exposing sensitive information if the device is lost or stolen. Visit the IT Service page for Whole Disk Encryption for further detail.

Resource: Whole Disk Encryption (IT Service page)