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September 24, 2016
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 Providing you with SOLUTIONS to successfully manage

life's challenges & opportunities.


The UT - Employee Assistance Program (UTEAP) is a service available to all employees of The University of Texas-Pan American. It provides confidential, professional assistance to help employees and members of their households resolve problems that affect their personal lives or job performance.


Mental or Emotional
Family/parenting issues
Grief or bereavement
Caregiver issues
Anger management
Alcohol or drug problems
Personal, work, or school stress
Relationship/ marital issues
Coping with change/ anxiety
Tax/ IRS questions
Credit advice
Personal budgeting
Retirement planning
College tuition planning
Debt consolidation
Discounted Financial Analysis (call for details)
Multiple online legal forms including simple wills
Bankruptcy & credit
Estate planning advice
Identity theft education & recovery assistance
Divorce & family matters
Consumer rights
* Free advice & analysis up to 30 minutes per call per issue.
·         Emotional/Psychological services
·         Financial/Legal analysis & advice
·         Substance abuse/recovery services
·         Child/Eldercare & WorkLife resources
·         Marital/relationship/family counseling
·         Everyday resource & referral services
                   24 hours a day ·1.800.346.3549  ·365 days a year

Work Life Solutions  

“Outsource Your To-Do List”
Our life management tools and resources can help you with crisis, non-crisis and everyday situations that can require considerable effort and time.
Examples of services include:
Daily-living convenience services (‘to-do list’)
Financial services (from budget to investment) Elder/Childcare resources & referral
Adoption resources & prenatal preparation
Wellness articles and resources
Personal Savings Center (everyday & luxury items) Pet care resource & referral
Personal Development & Assessments
On-Line Skills Training with recommendations
Thousands of articles and tip sheets
Helpful Webinars and more…

 Questions and Answers About Your EAP

Q. Why would I need this service?
A.Life is challenging -- both personally and professionally. Our experienced, licensed professionals are here to provide independent solutions to the complex dilemmas or daily challenges you face – legal, financial, family, or personal.
Q. What counseling benefits does this program offer?
A.You and your eligible dependents are provided with up to 5 free counseling sessions per problem per year (as determined by your therapist). If the problem requires more than 5 sessions, you and your therapist will coordinate a transfer to a provider with your insurance company or to a community resource. If a referral is made, the cost of these additional services will be your responsibility.
Q. Who can use this program?
A.All benefits eligible employees & their immediate family.
Q. How much does the program cost to use?
A.This program is free. How? The university pays for this benefit because they value you and look for ways to help you achieve your full potential.
Q. Where do I go for an appointment?
A.We offer local & nationwide coverage for your convenience. Simply call and a friendly, knowledgeable specialist will direct you to a nearby location for you or your eligible loved ones.
Q. How confidential is this program?
A.Your information will not be shared with your employer or others without your written permission, or when legally mandated (visit for more on this).
Q. Can I call for help finding solutions to everyday needs?
A.Absolutely. We are here as a Life Management Tool. Our consultants will help you research your personal needs so you can stay focused in your workplace or simply save some of your precious personal time away from work.
Call when you need a new perspective; Call when you need to talk things over; Call when you need help identifying available options; Just call – we’re here for you.                                 

                                            24 hours a day ·1.800.346.3549·365 days a year



Other information 

For specific information on the Employee Assistance Program you may call UTEAP at 1-800-346-3549 or you may also contact , Mike Mingus, Benefits Manager with the University of Texas-Pan American Human Resources for general information. 


1201 W. University Drive Edinburg, TX 78539-2999
956/665-UTPA  1-866-441-UTPA
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