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September 25, 2016
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Job classification process and choosing the right form (JAR or JDQ?)

Please note that based on the specific situation a different form may be needed. If you are in doubt, please contact the Office of Compensation for clarification, because if the wrong form is received, we are unable to take any action until the correct form is submitted. If you are planning to add an additional position to your department or reclassify an existing position, please answer the following questions:

Job Classification Procedure

Once it has been determined which process needs to be followed to add or reclassify a position the appropriate process needs to be followed.

Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ)

The JDQ is used to establish a new job title that does not currently exist in the UTPA pay plan, or to update existing job descriptions. Some minor updates can be done without the use of a JDQ, but it is recommended to contact Compensation in case of uncertainty.
To initiate the process the department must submit an online JDQ through the established reporting hierarchy (see “Online Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ) and Executive Approver Manual” on the HR forms website for additional information).

Job Audit Request (JAR)

The purpose of the form is to properly classify a position based on the actual duties currently performed by an employee or planned to be performed if the position is scheduled to be filled in the future. It does not refer to a change in an employee’s duty assignment. A position may be reclassified to correct a discrepancy. For this form to be used the job titles must already exist on the UTPA pay plan, please note that the form cannot be used for job titles existing at other UT Institutions.

The department must submit a JAR that has been completed by both the position incumbent and the supervisor. If the position does not have an incumbent, the supervisor will need to complete the form. This is also the case if the Job Audit is being completed in order to add a new position to the department.

For further information, please review the UTPA Supervisor Guide for Job Audits and Classification Procedures

PLEASE NOTE: All job analysis and audits take up to three (3) weeks for completion and changes to employee assignments will take effect the pay period following a determination completed by Human Resources.



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