Keys & Locks


Locksmith Keys

For key inquires please call 2792 or 7459.

  • HOP 8.12.2 Keys
  • Hours of Operation: 7:45am - 4:45pm
  • Keys - $12.50
  • Rekey door - $7.00
  • Desk Name Plate - $12.00
  • Door Name Plate - $12.50
  • FOB - $6.00

Key, FOB, Desk or Door Name Plate Requests

  1. Log into and select iShop. 
  2. Select 'carts' from the menu and rename your cart with your name and date. Select the 'Update' button to finalize the cart name change.
  3. On the iShop home page, scroll down and select the 'Work Order Request' button located on the main page under 'Other Forms Showcased Services'.
    iShop Work Order Request
  4. Fill out the following fields: Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, Department Name and Item description or request. For Item Description, please include all the following: your name, date, department name, key request specifications such as room number.
  5. Fill out the 'Key Section: Full name, Employee EID#, Building Name, Room Number.
  6. Select quantity from items you wish to receive (Key, Rekey, Name Plate, FOB)
  7. Click the 'Go' button at the top of the page to add to cart.
  8. Select 'Proceed to Checkout' to fill out the required fields under 'Summary' tab.
    Project: Enter your account number

    Task: 01

    E Type: Select Physical Plant IDTs Labor

    Confidential data: N/A

    TIBH Exception: N/A
  9. Click 'Submit to Workflow' to process your event request. If you do not have this button, select 'Assign Cart' and select a person in your department (Requestor) who has this responsibility.
  10. After your request is submitted and approved, you will receive an SQ# work order will be generated. A notification is sent to you once your requisition is approved.
  11. An email to pick up your keys will be sent once the order is complete.