Cooling Plant

Cooling Plant

If you have an issue that requires temperature adjustment, please access iServiceDesk to submit a service call.

The mission of the Cooling Plant is to, in conjunction with Facilities Management and Central Scheduling, provide a comfortable, cost effective, and sustainable environment: one in which the UTPA community may work and study, facilities may remain operable, and mission-critical equipment may function throughout its useful life. The Cooling Plant is charged with the effective and efficient production of chill water which is mission-critical for the cooling of most UTPA buildings. To this end, Cooling Plant staff operate, maintain and acquire chillers and chiller-related equipment on and off campus.

The Cooling Plant is also charged with oversight of the University's Energy Management Plan, which encompasses energy savings strategies through cooperation with all the respective divisions. They also provide energy management services which include utility procurement and contract maintenance.

Control Room

The Cooling Plant Control Room consists of 3 operators and 1 part time operator who work in various shifts in a 24-hour period (8am-4pm, 4pm-12am, 12am-8am). From here, operators remotely schedule, control and monitor air conditioning equipment and building ambient conditions for UTPA. Using a special software, Insight, operators can adjust temperatures upon request and for service calls, which are generally relayed through Central Scheduling work orders. The Control Room also serves as after-hours command and control center for UTPA, working closely with Central Scheduling, Department of Environmental Health & Safety and UTPA Police, to communicate, coordinate and dispatch air conditioning, fire alarms and life-safety services.

Cooling Plant


The Maintenance area of the Cooling Plant currently consists of 2 plant operators who maintain all chill water equipment located at the Cooling Plant, ensuring optimum function of all equipment. Preventative maintenance, such as necessary repair and replacement of parts, is also done routinely.


The EMS/Electronics division consists of 2 employees who maintain the automation equipment located in each building, on and off site. Other duties include checking equipment status, temperature and pressure readings, service calls regarding equipment not functioning properly or incorrect temperature readings, troubleshooting of motors, air flow sensors, and dampers, and installation of temperature sensors, fume hood controllers.