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LAMR demolition / Medical Academic Building

Student Services Building Facelift

The Student Services Building, SSBL & SSET, will have brick facade work done beginning November 15, 2013. This almost 50-year-old building has begun to show its age with cracks, some splaying toward the top of the building, and crumbling mortar. Phase one will include the north-facing part of the tower, followed by the south- and east-facing facades. The final phase of this initial re-bricking project will include the one-story portion of the SSBL. The staging of the construction site will be in the Administrative Parking Lot (A1) on the east side and will include installation of scaffolding and pedestrian tunnels leading to the east entrance, the north entrance and the SSVC entrance. Estimated timeline is about 8 months.


North of HPE1 and F3 parking lot. 

Old Bookstore (UVBS) Building Remodel

The old Bookstore building, UVBS, will begin being remodeled in January 2014 with a completion date of June 2014. It will house the two departments of the College of Health Sciences and Human Services. The Social Work and Occupational Therapy departments will relocate their office and therapy labs. The building will have three general purpose lecture classrooms that can each hold 25 students, all equipped with 'smart classroom' capabilities. There will also be a conference room to be shared by the two departments. 

Academic and Administration Building

The new Academic and Administration building will be a 40,000 GSF building that will house the new University College, 5 general classrooms, a large conference room, the Writing Center, the SEEL Office, and the Office of International Programs. Construction is starting this week and expected completion will be in August 2014.

Academic & Administrative Building-  Sept. 2013

AABL- Sept 2013

Academic & Administrative Building-  Oct 2013

AABL- Oct. 2013


Performing Arts Complex (PAC)

APAC Website

The Fine Arts & Performance Complex consists of a new 60,000 SF state-of-the-art auditorium building housing four rehearsal halls for band, orchestra, choir, and mariachi/jazz ensembles. The auditorium features stage or floor seating as well as lower and upper balcony levels, totaling 1000 seats. It will contain fully equipped lighting and sound booths, with the ability to record audio and video from all rehearsal rooms and provide live feeds into the auditorium and vice versa. The complex will also consist of a newly remodeled and completely configured single story Building 'C' , which will house individual practice rooms, a piano/computer recording lab, several ensemble rooms, and piano practice rooms. Building 'B' is a two-story existing building which is also being remodeled and partially reconfigured to house faculty offices and general classrooms. The first floor will house a dance practice room and small performance area with a removable dance floor and appropriate lighting for this type of space. The courtyard will be reconfigured to create a new water fountain utilizing the original stone bowl, and an arched wall will be constructed at the south side to create a new "entry" into the courtyard. Total cost of this project is $42M. Scheduled completion is targeted for October 2014.

Fine Arts demo - November 2012

Fine Arts demo - November 2012

Fine Arts demo - November 2012

Fine Arts demo - November 2012

Fine Arts demo - December 2012

Fine Arts demo - December 2012