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Welcome to Facilities Management

The mission of Facilities Management is to ensure that all existing and new facilities are fully functional to support the delivery of programs to the campus community. We are committed to providing quality service that enhances the university experience.

Facilities Management… Enhancing the University Experience!

Oscar Villarreal
Director of Facilities Management

For assistance with campus issues, such as heating, air conditioning, plumbing, etc. please contact Central Scheduling at (956) 665-2748, email at, or using iServiceDesk - (preferred method).

Facilities Announcements

The following areas on campus are under construction:

  • South Texas Medical Academic Building (STMB)
    August 2014 - August 2015
    North of BUSA, located on Schunior St. 

Construction Zones

Building name changes:

  • Portable Building (POBL): Located North of ARHU
  • Portable Building 2 (POB2): East of EDUC (West side portable)
  • Portable Building 3 (POB3): East of EDUC (East side portable)
  • Portable Building 4 (POB4): Soccer field women's locker rooms
  • Portable Building 5 (POB5): Soccer field men's locker rooms
  • Portable Building 6 (POB6): Soccer field training area
  • Marketing & Creative Service (MKCS > Van Week Office (VWOF)
  • Academic & Administrative Annex (AASA) > Visual Arts Building (VABL)
  • Marialice Shivers Administration Building (ADMN) > Marialice Shary Shivers Building (MASS)
  • Communication Arts and Sciences (CASB) > Arts & Humanities (ARHU)
  • New Computer Center (NECC) > Computer Center (CCTR)
  • University Cafeteria (UCCF) > Bronc Dining Hall (BDIN) 
  • West Annex (WANX) > University Financial Services Building (UNFS)