The University of Texas-Pan American
Procurement Management
October 21, 2016


Package Tracking Program

Central Receiving will start implementing  SC Logic when delivering packages to all departments within UTPA. SC Logic is a package tracking system that allows Central Receiving to deliver packages in a more efficient manner. Upon arriving at Central Receiving, this tracking system will allow recipients the convenience to check the status of their own packages by going to after it is received at Central Receiving.

When a package arrives at Central Receiving it will be scanned into the system. The package will be assigned a Recipient based on the shipping label or PO Number. Once scanned, the Recipient will get one of the following emails: 
  •  Status: Enroute w/SPT
    • The package has arrived at Central Receiving and is scheduled to be Delivered to the Office
  • Status: Pending Damage Review
    • The Package has arrived at Central Receiving but is Damaged and is waiting for the Recipient to review the package (at Central Receiving)
  • Status: Pending Workorder
    • The package has arrived at but is Pending a Workorder


If the Package is Enroute to the Office, Central Receiving will attempt to deliver the package. An electronic signature will be required. If the package was refused for any reason, the status will change to Attempted Delivery and an email will be sent to the Recipient indicating that.
By visiting one can search by the tracking number or by the Recipient name. One can also print out the report for your records as it does include the signature of the person that signed for the package.
Recipients should get emails for only their own packages. If you get emails that were intended for other Recipients, forward those to Central Receiving at for analysis.
It is critical that your HR information is correct as that is used to find and deliver packages to you. Incomplete and/or Outdated information can lead to the delay of your package(s) being delivered. Up to date information on your Building, Room Number, and your email address is needed. Check People Finder to see if your information is correct. If not, then contact HR on how to change the information.
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