The University of Texas-Pan American
Materials Management
November 27, 2014


Central Receiving

Central Receiving Warehouse
1407 E. Freddy Gonzalez Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78542


Central Receiving Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Central Receiving FAX      
Pedro Salas Warehouse Supervisor 665-3077
Raul Sanchez Senior Clerk 665-3076
  Shipping and Receiving Clerk II 665-3076
Joseph D. Briggs Shipping and Receiving Clerk II 665-3076
David Rivera Shipping and Receiving Clerk I 665-3076
Robert Calles Shipping and Receiving Clerk I 665-3076


  Hours of Operation are: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Monday thru Friday (Except holidays)

Receiving of Materials
Unless otherwise approved, all materials ordered for the University will be received at the Central Receiving dock located at 1407 E. Freddy Gonzalez Dr. If a delivery for ordered materials is made by a vendor directly to the requesting department, Central Receiving must be notified immediately by telephone or e-mail to Pedro Salas, so that prompt payment may be made to the vendor in accordance with state laws.
Central Receiving will perform an inspection of materials received as follows:

  • Comparison of the number of pieces (cartons) received with the number listed on the freight bill.
  • Make an examination of the cartons for any evidence of damage.
  • Examination of the contents for obvious damage only if cartons show any evidence of possible damage.

Note: Central Receiving will open cartons only if damage to contents is evident or the shipping address label does not properly identify the purchase order number and/or the name of the individual or department to receive the ordered materials. Improperly addressed shipments may require contacting the vendor for this information in order for Central Receiving to make delivery to the appropriate individual/departments. 
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Notation of any shortage or damage will be made on the freight bill before it is signed and the carrier is released. If Central Receiving suspects concealed damage, the requesting department will be notified and arrangements will be made for a thorough examination of the materials.
If concealed damages are discovered in the examination, Central Receiving personnel will arrange for a damage inspection report to be completed by the carrier. If concealed damages are discovered after the shipment has been delivered to the department, departments should contact Central Receiving immediately. All containers and packing materials should be retain until inspection is made and disposal instructions from the carrier or vendor are received.
Depending on the carrier, concealed damage claims must generally be filed with the carrier within 7 – 10 days of receipt at the Central Receiving dock.
Direct Deliveries
Central Receiving may not be able to receive certain materials that are large or of unusual shape or require special handling, e. g., hazardous materials, and that may require direct delivery to the requesting department. Such arrangements should be requested on the requisition so that the Purchasing department may designate alternate delivery arrangements on the purchase order.
Central Receiving will coordinate delivery of such items with carrier upon arrival. Return of such materials to the vendor will also require similar arrangements.
Collect Shipments
Inbound shipments with collect charges will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with Central Receiving. It is the requesting department’s responsibility to process
the necessary payment documentation and to ensure that a check is delivered to Central Receiving prior to receipt of the collect shipment.
Non-Purchased Materials
Materials received at Central Receiving that are not identified by a University purchase order number (issued by the Purchasing Department), will not be accepted unless clearly addressed to an employee or department. Central Receiving will schedule delivery of these non-purchased materials as soon as possible. Departments expecting urgent shipment of non-purchased materials should notify Central Receiving prior to the expected date of arrival. Departments may make arrangements to pick up their non-purchased materials directly from the Central Receiving warehouse.
Unacceptable Deliveries
University policy states that only official University shipments may be delivered to the Central Receiving dock. Central Receiving will not accept personal packages for employees. The employee must make alternate arrangements for delivery of these items.
Processing of Materials
Materials will be process through Central Receiving on a First In First Out basis unless the nature of the material dictates special handling. An item cannot be processed in Central Receiving without an approved UTPA purchase order in the Oracle System. Exceptions include:
  • All air and overnight shipments
  • Materials on dry ice or frozen
  • Live materials
  • Blood and blood platelets
  • Packages labeled “refrigerate immediately, “freeze upon arrival” or special "handling” instructions.
Delivery of Materials
Central Receiving will make delivery of material to the requesting department as indicated in the purchase order record. Deliveries to departments are usually made within the same day or not later than the next morning after receipt by Central Receiving. Peak receiving periods (Aug –Sep) may extend the delivery time unless special handling is required. The delivery clerk will be required to obtain the signature of the individual accepting the materials for the requesting department. The number of cartons delivered should be verified against the delivery log before signature. The requesting department should verify the contents of each carton against the purchase order immediately to make sure the order is complete. The delivery clerk is not responsible for opening cartons, stocking shelves, or installation or assembly of items received.
Installation or assembly requirements should be requested on the requisition so that the Purchasing Department may include them in the purchase order to the vendor. Departments may also choose to have installation or assembly performed by the University’s Physical Plant. Departments are however advised to communicate their requirements to the Physical Plant before submittal of
these requisitions to the Purchasing Department.
Shortages, overages, or incorrect merchandise received must be reported to Central Receiving immediately upon receipt. Central Receiving will notify the Purchasing Department of any problems with materials received.
Note: When the individual designated to receive the ordered materials (on purchase requisition) is not available at the time of delivery, Central Receiving will deliver to the department secretary.
Materials will not be delivered to Work Study personnel unless previous arrangements have been made with Central Receiving. 
Materials Returns
In order to have returns picked up by Central Receiving personnel, prior arrangements need to be made with the Vendor, Purchasing and Central Receiving department respectively. We need account numbers before we can ship the merchandise.
Note: Call Vendor as soon as possible and give reason for returning the merchandise (damaged, double shipment, wrong item, etc.) If possible get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number this does not pay for shipping charges, or make a Call Tag (Prepaid Shipment) arrangement with the vendor. Save all documentation attached to the box) because the vendor will only allow 2 weeks before they are not responsible for the merchandise and/or the return shipping.
Call Purchasing and talk to your designated buyer with your Purchase Order Number and your department’s Account Number to let them know you are returning the item(s).
Call Central Receiving and make arrangements to have the item(s) picked up if necessary.
Outbound Shipments
Central Receiving will assist departments with outbound shipments. Requesting departments
should contact Central Receiving for arrangements and instructions on correct packaging and
labeling. The department must supply a description of the contents of the package, the value
of the items being shipped, and the preferred method of shipping. A departmental budget
account number must be provided for billing of shipping charges. See also "Materials Returns" above for more information on shipping of ordered materials.
Storage of Materials
Central Receiving has limited storage space. Materials received for departments cannot be stored
at the Central Receiving warehouse. The requesting departments must make alternate arrangements
if long-term storage is required.
Express Services
Express services such as Federal Express, DHL, UPS, and Lone Star are available through eShip Global. Proper packaging and labeling as required by the carrier will be necessary before Central Receiving will accept express packages. To guarantee same day shipping of express packages, the requesting department must drop off packages at the Central Receiving or designated express package drop off points by 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday (except on holidays) Drop boxes are located throughout the campus.

The location of the drop off boxes are, Visitors Center, IT2 building, New Science building, Health Science Human Services East building. Packages dropped off after the 3:00 p.m. deadline will be shipped the next day according to the carrier’s schedule.
Central Receiving may accept express packages during their normal delivery schedule, however, no special pickups will be made. If you have an oversize box that will not fit in the drop box, it will be picked up by calling Central Receiving at 665-3076.

Note: Please sign up for eShip Global today by following this link.

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact Pedro Salas, Shipping and Receiving Warehouse Supervisor at 665-3076 or 
1201 W. University Drive Edinburg, TX 78539-2999
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