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October 22, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Affairs Hotline is a service available to resolve problems or concerns involving transactions within the Division of Business Affairs. Faculty and staff members with questions, problems or suggestions related to the university's business services can call the hotline at 665-2724

I am interested in receiving access to the Account Reconciliation training information. Where can I go to obtain this information?

This information is now located on the Departmental Account Reconciliation section of the Accounts Control website. The site also offers information on how to interpret the departmental Statement of Account and also allows an option to download a reconciliation template in Microsoft Office Excel format.

I currently do not have access to view the financial information in the automated accounting system. What is the process in obtaining access to this information and how do I learn how to use the system once access is approved?

To request access, route an IA Operator ID form (Information Associates). Please refer to the IA Administrative System link of the Computer Center website on how to obtain and complete this form. Once approved and processed, you may review the list of financial screens available for accessing your account.

My department did not receive the Statement of Account?

The Statement of Account is sent to the department around the 10th day of the following processing month. Exception: the August (old year) & September (new year) statements are distributed during late October, due to end-of-year processes. You will only receive a statement if there was accounting activity for that month. If you are certain the account was active that month, and you still cannot locate a copy of the statement, contact Sylvia Guerra ( to request a copy of the statement.

A full payment has been processed for a travel application, yet the encumbrance is still reflected as open on the statement of account (thus, reducing the department's available balance). Who do I contact for assistance?

When goods & services are received and full payment is processed, the entire encumbrance amount should be reversed. If the encumbrance is not fully reversed due to a clerical error, contact the following personnel for assistance:

Travel related encumbrances - Beatris Guzman, 665-2707 (

Non-Travel encumbrances - Accounts Payable, 665-2700.

To ensure the proper correction is recorded, please provide the complete transaction information when submitting your request (i.e., Travel Application #, Purchase Requisition #, and amounts).

I just received my Statement of Account and my total budget is incorrect. It appears that the wage portion of a budget change I submitted is not reflected on the statement. All I was trying to accomplish was moving funds from operating to wages within the same account. What caused this discrepancy?

Fund transfers between categories of expense within the same account are processed via a budget change. A budget change affecting salaries and wages normally takes about two months for the complete transaction to post. This is because the salary and wage entries are posted via the Human Resource System (HRS), which in-turn feeds into the Accounting records. The Human Resource System only feeds into Accounting several times during the month.

In this particular example, the operating portion was posted in Accounting immediately and the wage portion was processed in HRS, which would feed to Accounting the following month. You will need to manually adjust (increase) the wage section per your records, and confirm that the entry is posted on the next Statement of Account.

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