Payment and Refunds

Being a student at the University of Texas Pan American will be one of the most gratifying times of your college career, however there will be a lot of financial information you will need to comprehend. It is important to remember Tuition Due Dates and make the necessary arrangements to pay for your tuition and fees on time. You may run the risk of not maintaining your classes if payment is not received. It is the student’s responsibility to know the due dates for all payments.

Methods of Payment


University of Texas Pan American
Payments & Collections  
Student Services Building 1.145
1201 W. University Dr., Edinburg
Telephone (956) 665-2715

(Allow a minimum of five dates for mailed payments)

DO NOT SEND CASH  Mail statement with payment to:
University of Texas Pan American
ATTN: Payments & Collections
1201 W. University Dr. SSB 1.145
Edinburg, TX 78539-2999

(Checks & Credit Cards)

Visit us at:  ASSIST

Drop Box

Payments & Collections has a night box-box located outside of the building next to the entrance. The drop-box is opened daily at 4:30 p.m.

Cash, Check and Money Orders
Personal checks and money orders should be made payable to The University of Texas-Pan American and must contain the student ID and driver’s license number on the face of the check.
Credit Card
(Type of Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, and Discover).
Wire Transfer
Students who wish to make payment to their accounts via Wire Transfer must use the following bank information:


Recipient’s Name:

University of Texas Pan American

Bank Name:

Bank of America

ABA/Routing Number:

call 956-665-3622 for information

Account Number:

call 956-665-3622 for information


Recipient’s Name:

University of Texas Pan American

Bank Name:

Bank of America

SWIFT Number:

call 956-665-3622 for information

Account Number:

call 956-665-3622 for information

All payments from tuition and fees must be received in the Payments and Collections Office by the tuition payment deadline each semester. Payments received after the deadline, regardless of the postmark date are considered late.

Payment Plans

The State of Texas under Sec. 54.007 of the Education Code requires each institution of higher education to provide payment plans for Tuition and Fees. Eligible student may elect one of two payment assistance options during the term of registration:

  • Installment Plan: This plan is available to any student unable to pay the full amount or partial amount due by the university due dates. (Note: This is not available for summer sessions.) For Instructions in requesting an Installment Plan online click here.  Application now available online at under the UTPA Services Tab.
  • Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan: This plan defers the payment of eligible tuition and fee charges to a future date.

Installment Plans

Installment Plan consists of four payments; first one due by the initial due date and three subsequent payments due on the first business day of each month after the semester has begun. This plan is available only during the fall/spring semesters and does not cover prior unpaid balances. A $30 (non-refundable) service charge fee is charged together with the first installment. Any credits to the account (financial aid, etc) must first be applied to any unpaid balances. If any additional charges are added to the student account after the initial installment, this will be split evenly between installments. A $5 late fee is accessed after the due date if payment is not received and an additional $25 if payment not received after 3 days from the due date.

  • Must be registered for classes.
  • Complete the installment plan contract available at the Office of Payments and Collections *
  • Pay $30 processing fee due plus the, 25% of the tuition and fees, and other applicable non-deferrable fees.
  • Remaining balance will be divided into three payments.
  • Student must present a picture ID

Spring 2015





1st payment

January 13, 2015

Installment Pay Plan

2nd payment

March 2, 2015


3rd payment

April 1, 2015


4th payment

May 1, 2015

Summer 2015




Installment Pay Plan




* Application now available online at under the UTPA Services Tab.

 For further information, contact the Office of Payments and Collections, located in the Student Services Bldg., Rm. 1.145 at 956/665-2715.

Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan

To be eligible for an Emergency Tuition and Fee loan, students may not receive any other form of financial assistance and must be enrolled. The cost for a loan has an origination fee of 1% of the amount of each emergency tuition and fee loan.

Emergency Tuition and Fee Loans will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted or the processing period ends, whichever comes first. Any credits to your student account (Financial Aid, etc.) must first be applied to any unpaid balance. If any additional charges are added to your student account after the initial Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan is entered, the loan will be increased to pay for the balance up to the 12th class day.
Please see the specific dates below based on the term you are applying for.

To apply for an Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan online, you must first sign up for the online access. You must show two for the following forms of identification to be granted online access.

Primary ID:
  • State ID or License
  • Passport/VISA
  • Residency Card
Secondary ID:
  • Major Credit/Debit Card
  • Military ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter's Registration Card





Spring 2015

November 5, 2014

January 27, 2015

April 1, 2015


Due to THECB section 56.051, the Emergency Tuition and Fees Loan will NOT pay for the following fees:

  • Field Placement Insurance Fee
  • Dorm Refund Deposit
  • Medical Insurance Fee
  • Bronc Village (BV) Late Fees
  • Service Charges(BV and Dorm)
  • Dorm and BV Deposit
  • Dorm Charges
  • Meal Plan Installment Charge
  • Meal Plans (BV and Dorm)
  • Any other fee that is not tuition related
  • Citations
  • Parking Permit/Replacement Fee
  • Nurse Practicum Fee


For further information, contact the Loan Collections Office, located in the Administration Bldg., Rm. 214 at 956/665-2723 or 956/665-2191 or e-mail


3RD Party Contracts

The Third Party tuition assistance is processed through The Department of Registration Accounting. This is available to students who have applied for 3rd party assistance for their tuition and fees. If there are any forms that need to be turned into our office, it is the studentís responsibility to bring them in before deadline due dates and verify the form is complete with proper signatures. Our office hours are from Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding Holidays). We are located at:

University of Texas Pan American
Mary Alice Shivers Building, Room 2.102
1201 W. University Drive,
Edinburg, Texas 78539-2999

Listed below is an information guideline for those students with tuition assistance through a Third Party Agency. Please keep in mind that policies and regulations are subject to change.





Third Party Contacts:

Maria Morales

Phone: 665-2713


Accounting Tech

Phone: 665-7824


Fax Number:

(956) 665-7060

  • Billing for 3rd party agencies is done after the 12th class day during a Fall/Spring Semester and after xx day for a summer Semester.
  • Required documents, if any acquired, must be completed and all forms must contain the current student schedule.
  • Student must be responsible for any balances not covered by 3rd party agency.
  • Payments must be made by no later than payment due date, otherwise student may be dropped.
  • Awards may be adjusted on the form due to calculation of tuition and fees and amount paid by the agency.
  • Third party awards may be cancelled and studentís responsibility if 3rd party agency does not pay amount billed. (This is giving within a time frame of the end of the term that is being billed).
  • Any credit applied to studentís account will be reimbursed to the student only if there is no emergency loan pending in student's account. Checks will be mailed to the student's address listed in Banner. (Make sure address and contact phone numbers are up to date).
  • If requested by 3rd party agency a copy of the studentís schedule will be sent along with their billing statement.

Procedures for Processing Students Tuition Assistance Awards

3rd party Military Agencies:

Texas Military - 2171 Form

Go Army Ed – Approval printout form with course Data

NAVY Group – Tuition Assistance Authorization Form with Enrollment Information

Dept. of Defense/Military One Source – Approved Financial Assist. Form with Schedule

Air Force/43 MSS/DPET – Form 1227

Dept. Of The Army/ U.S. Army Human Resources Command – Acceptance Form stating fees with Proper signature

  • Forms is completed along with proper signatures and received in our office before payment due date.
  • Class schedule on the 2171 form needs to be up to date; otherwise student will only get awarded for classes that correspond only with the class schedule in Banner.
  • Student will only get awarded amount stated on the form that will cover mandatory tuition and fees.  Any additional fees will be applied only if confirmed by the agency to award.

Texas Tomorrow

  • First time students need to bring into our office, Proper I.D. card, along with their signed Texas Tomorrow card in order to process their award.
  • Student responsibility is to contact us every semester they wish to use their Texas Tomorrow funds.
  • If student has sufficient terms and hours please keep in mind that any adjustment done after the award has been processed the system will automatically adjust the award.  However the adjustment will not show till the next day since it runs on an overnight process.
  • If student has limited hours available with no terms or is a graduate student and makes any drop or adds to their schedule they need to notify our office to see if adjustments need to be made towards their award.


Valley Initiative for Development and Advancement

  • Organization faxes a list of students and the amount for tuition assistance
  • Students receive tuition and /or book assistance for specified semesters
  • Student is then contacted to inform them of the amount of tuition assistance received and their remaining balance
  • Any remaining balance is billed directly to the student
  • Student must pay the remaining balance by the due date to avoid being dropped

Florida Prepaid College Plan

  • This plan is administered by the state of Florida to students that are beneficiary of a Florida Prepaid College Plan
  • Organization faxes a list of students and the amount for tuition assistance
  • Students qualify by the number of tuition and local fees per college credit hour
  • The Plan includes a tuition plan, it may also include an optional dormitory plan, and optional fee plans
  • Rates are subject to change every fall and spring
  • Student is then contacted to inform them of the amount of tuition assistance received and their remaining balance
  • Any remaining balance is billed directly to the student
  • Student must pay the remaining balance by the due date to avoid being dropped


Other Agencies

  • Students receive tuition and/or book assistance for specified semesters in the discretion of the district
  • Agency needs to specify what mandatory fees are applicable
  • Student is then contacted to inform them of the amount of tuition assistance received and their remaining balance
  • Any remaining balance is billed directly to the student
  • Student must pay the remaining balance by the due date to avoid being dropped


A student withdrawal stands for a student dropping all the enrolled courses in a single term. The State of Texas under Section 54.006 of the Education Code has determined the refund policy which the teaching institutions shall use and is subject to change.. Your refund will be based on the amount of tuition and fees changed and not based on the amount you have actually paid. If a student remains enrolled in at least one course for the session or semester they will receive 100% refund for “dropped” course(s) up to census date of that semester. Students who are automatically dropped from a cancelled class will receive 100% refund.
The effective date recorded for drops or withdrawals will be the date the student drops the course(s) through the web or the date the drop form or written request is received by the Registrar’s Office.

Fall/Spring Withdrawal Percentages



Prior to First day of class


During the First five class days


During the Second five class days


During the Third five class days


During the Fourth five class days


After the Fourth five class days


Summer Withdrawal Percentages



Prior to First day of class


During the First, Second, or Third class days


During the Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth class days


Seventh day of class and thereafter


For UTPA’s withdrawal days and percentage refund by term
You have enrolled for classes with a total tuition and fee charges of $1,000.00 for the semester. You withdraw during the 50% refund period. The university is owed $500.00 at this point in time.

  • If you had paid $500.00, you would receive no refund.
  • If you had only paid $150.00, you would still owe the university $350.00.
  • If you had paid $600.00, you would then receive a refund of $100.00

Student Refunds

Student Credits are reviewed once a week for the current term and for prior terms. The Registration Accounting Office in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office reviews students with credits. Once notification is received for eligible students, the Student Refund process is started. When it is determined that the student is eligible for a refund, it may take up to 14 days to have a refund check printed/mailed or sent as an ACH.

NOTE: All refunds in the form of a check are mailed to the student's Mailing Address on file with the Registrar's Office. Please confirm your address and phone number on a regular basis to ensure your check is mailed to the proper address. Also, confirm your bank information on a semester basis or as soon as you change bank accounts. This will help eliminate a delay on your ACH disbursement.

Direct Deposit

By signing up for direct deposit of your Student Account refunds you can avoid delays in mail delivery and a subsequent visit to your bank to deposit the paper check. Your funds will be available in your checking/savings account within three business days of the initial disbursement by the University to your financial institution. The application process is real-time which means that your application is immediately processed if you apply online. You will be able to print a receipt once you finalize the short application process on via ASSIST. The online option also allows you to do the following:

  • Authorizes the university to send a student refund electronically to your bank/financial institution.
  • Change or modify any Direct Deposit information previously entered (for example, new account number)
  • Cancel your Direct Deposit process
  • Take advantage of the time saving benefits this new program offers and have your refunds in your checking/savings account much sooner than ever before.

Direct deposits can only be made into active U.S domestic checking accounts. We cannot process direct deposits into money market accounts or non-U.S. accounts at this time. This program does not include or affect any existing direct deposit information associated with payroll for employees or students participating in the work-study program.


13 Easy Sets to Follow:

  • Look up your Routing and Bank Account Number before logging in to Banner.
  • Visit and got to ASSIST, click the Login button
  • Enter your user name and password then press OK
  • Select UTPA Services from the tabs above the Main Menu
  • Select Student Refund-Direct Deposit
  • Read the information provided carefully before continuing
  • Click Submit
  • Enter your Routing number on both fields (the process will validate if the routing number is a correct number)
  • Enter your Bank Account Number on both fields
  • Select the type of account (checking or savings)
  • Click Continue
  • Print your Receipt
  • Click Logoff and return to Assist



The Account Holder Name must match your name. Entering an account number that is not under your name might cause your student refund to be rejected by the bank and will delay the process. It is very important that you confirm that your bank information is entered correctly. If an account information update is required, you will need to override the current information displayed. (Note: Only one account will be stored. New information will replace prior information.) To stop your refunds from being sent to a bank account and have a paper check to be printed, please check the "Stop Direct Deposit" box.