Billing Information


Tuition Deadlines


Spring 2015 Tuition Deadlines

Tuition and Fees will be reflected on your Student Bill the week of November 3, 2014



1st Tuition Due Date

January 13, 2015

Students Dropped for Non- Payment

January 14, 2015

2nd Tuition Due Date

January 27, 2015

Students Dropped for Non-Payment

January 28, 2015

Last Payment Due Date

February 4, 2015

Students Dropped for Non-Payment

February 5, 2015

Late Registration fee of $40 assessed

January 14 thru January 19, 2015

Late Registration fee of $90 assessed

January 20 thru May 15, 2015


NOTE: Please drop your courses online or withdraw at the Registrar's Office, if you will not be attending. Do not depend on being dropped during a Drop Cycle as this does not guarantee you will be dropped automatically.


Graduate Online Program Deadlines

Fall 2014 AP Module 1 Tuition Due date: August 26, 2014

Fall 2014 AP Module 2 Tuition Due date: October 21, 2014

Spring 2015 AP Module 1 Tuition Due date: January 6, 2015

Spring 2015 AP Module 2 Tuition Due date: March 3, 2015


Student Bills

The Bursar’s Office will no longer mail-out Student Bills, it will be the student’s responsibility to review their account information online thru ASSIST to ensure Tuition and Fees are paid in full by Tuition Deadlines. Student billing information must be reviewed accordingly to ensure the necessary payments are made regardless if a Student Bill is received. 

Understanding You Bill Statement (PDF) Explanation Sheet


Charge Dispute

The University of Texas Pan-American has created a Committee to ensure Charge Disputes by students are reviewed and given the necessary attention students deserve. Below is a list of Charge Disputes Appeal Applications and the procedures to be followed for each:

Excess Credit Hour Fee, Repeat Fee, or Withdrawal Charge Dispute

        Application: Excess Hours, 3-Peat and Withdrawal Appeal Form

          Return To: Office of the Registrar, Student Services Building 1.150

 Medical Insurance Waiver

        Application: Medical Insurance Waiver Request Form

          Return To: Office of the Registrar, Student Services Building 1.150

Mandatory or Discretionary Fee Exemption

Exemptions may be considered if a student will not utilize the activity, service or facility for which a fee is charged. Considerations may also be given if the exemption is in the best interest of the institution or is critical to the viability of an academic initiative. Exemptions will not be granted for tuition or laboratory fees.

Application: Submit a written request with supporting document (as needed). Appeals to be considered must be submitted prior to the 12th class day during a fall or spring semester or prior to the fourth class day during a summer term.

Return To:

Office of the Vice President of Business Affairs

1201 W. University Drive

Student Services Building,

Room 5.101Edinburg, TX 78539-9999

Distance/Off-Campus Learning Exemption

 Eligible students must be enrolled only in distance learning courses or other off-campus courses and must live out of the 50 mile radius from the university. Students will be evaluated after the census date of each semester. It will be the student's obligation to pay their full tuition and fees cost. Once the determination is made of eligibility students will be reimbursed. Eligible fees for reimbursement are the following: Student Service Fee, Medical Service Fee, Student Union Fee, Recreational Fee,and General Property Deposit.  


Past Due Debt

Student balances past due after the 12th class day for a Fall/Spring semester or 4th class day for a Summer Semester will result in a student hold. Balances less than $500.00 will prevent students from requesting an official transcript and those with a balance greater than or equal to $500.00 will not be able to register. Student refund checks/ACH will be held until balance is paid for the corresponding semester.

Notifications will be emailed to students; if balance is not paid in full or if balance is equal to or greater than $500.00 by the 90th day a State Hold will be set preventing any state payments to be received until balance is paid in full.


1098-T Information

An eligible educational institution, such as The University of Texas-Pan American, that receives qualified tuition and related expenses on your behalf must furnish a 1098-T Tuition Statement to you. The 1098-T information may assist you in determining whether you, or the person who may claim you as a dependent, may claim an income tax credit for the Hope or Lifetime Learning Credit on Internal Revenue Service Form 8863, Education Credits.

For more information and to view your 1098-T Form log in to