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September 28, 2016


Business Affairs Hotline

The Business Affairs Hotline is a service available to resolve problems or concerns involving transactions with in the Division of Business Affairs. Faculty and staff members with questions, problems or suggestions related to the university's business services can call the hotline at 665-2717, 665-7906 or 665-2724. You can also submit questions to

"Business Affairs Hotline" - Frequently Asked Questions"

I am interested in receiving access to the Oracle Reconciliation Guide training information. Where can I go to obtain this information?

This information is now located under the Accounting for Your Project In Oracle section of the Accounts Control website. The document also offers information on: Project Manager Responsibilities; how to navigate the screens in Oracle General Ledger and Grants Management System; which reports to use to reconcile; etc.

I currently do not have access to view financial information in Oracle. What is the process in obtaining access to this information.

To request access, log into your UTPA Employee Self Service responsibility> Other Functions> Financials Responsibility Request form and follow the Steps:

  1. Select Employee
  2. Select Action (Delete or Add)
  3. Select Project Manager and Project
  4. Select Duties/Responsibilities needed
  5. Review Selection requested
  6. Submit Request

Your request will be routed via workflow for approvals. An FYI notification will be sent once access has been granted. Submit additional Financial Oracle access questions to FINAPPS@LISTSERV.UTPA.EDU.

How do I learn how to use the system once access is approved?

Refer to the Accounting for Your Project in Oracle manual on the Reconciliation Guide Webpage. This document will guide you on how use the system.

My department did not receive the Monthly Statement of Account.

The Monthly Statement of Account is distributed to departments around the 10th day of the following processing month. Exception: the August (old year) & September (new year) statements are distributed during late October, due to end-of-year processes. You will only receive a statement if there was accounting activity for that month. If you are certain the account was active that month, and you still cannot locate a copy of the statement, contact Magda Garcia ( to request a copy of the statement. Or better yet, you may print this report yourself by navigating to the XXEIS General Ledger Report Responsibility and selecting the UTPA MONTHLY STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT.

I ran the UTPA –Adhoc Transactions Report Revised and it completed with No Data Found. However there was activity during the dates selected. What did I do wrong?

When running the report make sure the following two parameters are deleted before submitting it: Expenditure Creation Start Date and Expenditure Creation End Date.

Are we still required to reconcile monthly?

Yes, there should be a monthly reconciliation and certification.

I needed access to the Custom Exception Approval form…how can I get this access?

If you are a project manager or a project reviewer you should have access. Go to the online Financial Responsibility Request form and select the PA/GMS Project Manager Responsibility. If you have further questions on the Exceptions Approval Form you can contact Uzma Farooqui (

I have a question I need to be added as a project reviewer to 5 accounts. How do I go about doing that?

Go to the DBA website in the Accounts Control section and open the 'Project Management Authorization' form. Please fill this out and submit it to our office.

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