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September 30, 2016

Form Instructions

Downloading documents simply means the process of transferring files from a web site to your local computer. The copy being downloaded to your computer is your copy.

Forms Page best viewed in Internet Explorer

Get Adobe Reader

In order to view PDF files, you must download Adobe Reader -- a free software that lets you view PDF documents.

Please direct any questions or suggestions about these forms to Feed Back.


  1. Please Do Not Send Forms Via E-Mail.
  2. Please Do Not Use Forms That Are Being Tested.

Using OmniForm (EXE file) & Portable Document Format (PDF file):

  1. Select and Download the form (save) to your computer.
  2. Create a FOLDER on your computer for the forms you will be downloading.
  3. Edit the form electronically by typing in the required information from your computer. If you choose not to save the form, you can also edit the form on-line, but once you close the form, the data will be lost. If you wish to have a copy of what you edited, you must save the form to YOUR computer.
  4. NOTE: Adobe Acrobat will not save the data that you entered into the form fields. You will only be saving a copy of the original document.
  5. Print the form.
  6. Send the form via Campus Mail to the appropriate department.

Using Word Document (DOC file) & Excel Document (XLS file):

  1. Select and save the form to your computer.
  2. Create a FOLDER on your computer for the forms you will be saving.
  3. Open new Form from your computer to Edit by typing in the required information.
  4. Save new data entered to your copy on your computer.
  5. Print the form.
  6. Send the form via Campus Mail to the appropriate department.

Format Symbols and Descriptions:


OmniForm icon

PDF icon

Word icon

Excel icon

Description of File Format

OmniForm Internet Filler Form in EXE format.

Adobe Portable Document Format, PDF format.

Microsoft Word Document in DOC format.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Form in XLS format.


WIN icon

WIN icon

WIN icon

WIN icon



WIN icon

WIN icon

WIN icon



  • Locate file, select file format, and click the form you wish to download.
  • The File Download dialog box will appear.

Note: When you select a PDF document, it will not prompt you to save the form. Once document is open, you have the option of save the form.

  • Select Save to save to your computer, or
  • Select Run or Open if you do not wish to save but wish to fill-in and print.

Note: If using Firefox, a Downloads window will appear. Select the folder to open it, from there browse for the downloaded file.

  • After selecting Save
  • The Save As dialog box will appear. By default, the Desktop list appears.
  • Save to your computer by clicking the pull-down list in the Save in: box.
  • Create a new folder in your computer where you will be saving your documents.
  • Once you create a folder, select Save.
  • The Download complete dialog box will appear.
  • Once form has been downloaded,
    1. Open form
    2. Fill-in on-line
    3. Print form
    4. Mail via campus mail
  • Note: The OmniForm Mailable Filler dialog box will appear, click OK to continue opening the document.
  • For other Document types, simply select Open to begin editing form.

  • Note: Some forms may contain more than one page. Click on the page number at the bottom of the form.



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