The department of Central Scheduling is housed at the Physical Plant and reports directly to the Assistant Director of Physical Plant Business Services, Office of the Comptroller under the Division of Business Affairs. Central Scheduling oversees the following functions:

  • Receives all trouble calls from campus
    • Calls are dispatched via base radio
    • Calls are recorded in our internal system (TMA The Maintenance Authority)
  • Receives IDT Requisitions for non-routine requests
  • Receives IDT Requisitions for event setups on campus
  • Receives e-mail requests for estimates pertaining to non-routine and event setups
    • Estimates are returned to the department via e-mail
    • Department creates IDT Requisition
  • HR Tech serves as the liaison between Physical Plant and Human Resources Department
    • Prepares requisitions for Physical Plant vacant positions
    • Prepares MOEs and Change of MOEs
    • Prepares terminations for full time and part time staff
    • Maintains balances of Physical Plant wage pool via spreadsheet and Oracle reports
    • Distributes monthly payroll checks for Physical Plant full time staff
    • Prepares overtime reports
  • Receives Project Renovation Forms
    • Forms are logged in and assigned a project number
    • Assignment of projects are done during bi-weekly meeting
  • Reconcile Construction Services and Construction Services Revenue Accounts
  • Prepares invoices for Edinburg RAHC and off campus departments
  • Bills all departments for Physical Plant services rendered
  • Updates Building Supervisor List