The department of Assets Management, which is housed at the Physical Plant, directly reports to the Office of the Comptroller under the Division of Business Affairs. Assets Management oversees the following functions:

  • Reconcile all accounts under Facilities Planning and Construction (FP&C)
  • Reconcile all accounts under Facilities Maintenance and Operations (M&O)
  • Reconcile all accounts under Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Reconcile other applicable accounts under the Office of the Comptroller
  • Coordinate the annual physical inventory as mandated by the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office
  • Coordinate the annual facilities inventory as mandated by THECB
  • Oversee the billing for the E-RAHC facility owned by UTHSCSA
  • Prepare annual financial reports for Unexpended Plant and Investment in Plant, and monitor these fund groups on a monthly basis
  • Assist the Director of FP&C, M&O, EHS, and the Comptroller with annual projects, including the budget cycle, merit cycle, Legislative Appropriation Requests (LAR), Action Plans, Assessment Reports, etc.
  • Submit all necessary reports THECB, UT System, State of Texas Comptroller’s Office, and General Land Office (GLO) including:
    • Master Plan (MP) reports
    • Facilities Inventory Certification
    • Capital Improvement Program
    • SPA/AFR Reconciliation
    • Annual Physical Inventory Certification
    • State Real Property Inventory
  • Obtain and verify funding for construction and/or renovation projects
  • Oversee the Fixed Assets Oracle module, and provide appropriate training for end-users
  • Coordinate all surplus and storage property at the Haggar facility
  • Monitor, tag, and maintain all controlled and capital assets as per State Property Accounting guidelines