University Writing Center
October 22, 2016


WAC and the University Writing Center

  • A cooperative relationship exists between a writing center and a WAC program.
  • Writing center tutors become aware of various philosophies of teaching, learning, and writing as they are embedded in faculty assignments.
  • Open relationships between writing center tutors and faculty allow the faculty to articulate their own expectations, and then tutors can improve the assistance offered to students. 
  • Effective tutoring augments the quality of student writing.
  • Close communication between writing center tutors and faculty who incorporate writing into their courses creates an opportunity to shape and reshape conceptions about writing.

University Writing Center Student Benefits

  • The UWC offers a relaxed environment where all students, graduate and undergraduate, can receive writing feedback.
  • Students can find assistance incorporating source references and use various, discipline-specific citation formats.
  • Students have on-site access to university computers featuring Microsoft software.
  • Students find assistance in understanding grammar or mechanical questions related to their own areas of weaknesses.
  • Faculty can request tutor assistance for students completing special assignments.

University Writing Center and Student Accessibility

  • Located in the Academic Services Building, 2.130
  • Open four evenings until 8 p.m. during fall and spring terms
  • On-line tutoring available on the weekends.
  • No appointments are necessary; drop-in tutorials are welcomed.

WAC Activities

  • Consultants for writing workshops
  • Intensive small faculty reading/discussion groups
  • Workshops using local faculty may include information on a variety of topics
    • Incorporating writing into courses
    • Responding to student papers
    • Creating strategies to evaluate writing assignments
    • Addressing plagiarism
    • Designing discipline-specific writing assignments
    • Designing essay questions

WAC Benefits

  • Faculty members receive support and assistance in incorporating writing into courses.
  • Faculty members share ideas with other faculty about teaching writing strategies.
  • Student writing improves across the campus.
  • UTPA sends a statement to area high schools and prospective students about the importance of writing in college.
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