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October 24, 2016

Writing Across the Curriculum

WAC Statement of Purpose

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Task Force was formed in recognition that writing is a complex, on-going, recursive process and that students need competency in all written communication skills as well as in specific disciplinary genres in order to succeed within both university and future professional venues. Therefore, writing must be taught to students as part of their total university experience and supported by faculty across the university. Consequently, the purpose of WAC is to raise awareness of the importance of effective writing within university and professional environments, to establish and maintain a variety of university-wide programs that prepare faculty and reward their endeavors to encourage and assist student writing, and to assess the overall effectiveness of these programs.

WAC Mission Statement

At The University of Texas-Pan American, Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is an interdisciplinary initiative designed to encourage student writing, reading, and critical thinking. The University Writing Center (UWC) supports and coordinates the WAC programs.

WAC Objectives

  • To increase faculty involvement and expertise in writing course components
  • To provide support for faculty interested in incorporating writing-to-learn/learning-to-write components into their courses
  • To address the writing needs of specific disciplinary genres
  • To facilitate the exchange of effective WAC program activities
  • To evaluate WAC strategies

WAC Strategies

  • To facilitate the inclusion of writing components in graduate and undergraduate courses
  • To provide introductory and in-depth faculty workshops
  • To create a website that showcases UTPA faculty initiatives and provides links to other places with best practices and WAC strategies
  • To hire and train student writing fellows to assist faculty with writing needs for specific disciplinary genres
  • To facilitate and expand graduate and upper-division writing courses within all disciplines
  • To develop and implement tools for on-going assessment of faculty initiatives and student writing outcomes
  • To support professional research and development for the WAC Task Force
  • To hire consultants on a periodic basis to assist in meeting the objectives
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