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October 23, 2016



The University Writing Center will be implement Skype tutoring sessions by appointment as of the 2013 Summer I session. All students utilizing this service must adhere to the following guidelines when participating in a Skype tutorial session.

Skype Tutorial Session Procedure:

1.      Preparing for Your Skype Tutorial Session

a.       Find a quiet and well lit area with little traffic in the background and proper internet access for optimal video and voice quality.

b.      Log on to your Skype account at least five minutes before your session to ensure internet connection. It is your responsibility to video call the contact name given in the initial E-mail (i.e. “UTPAUWC1”) at the scheduled time. If no video call is made 10 minutes into the session, the session will be cancelled.    

c.       Have a .doc or paper version of your paper available before the session so you and the tutor can simultaneously address certain problem areas and you can make necessary notes during the session.

d.      The Skype tutorial sessions will follow the same rules and guidelines as an in-person consultation. The tutor will not make any electronic corrections or marking on the paper; nor will direct wording or organization suggestions be made over video feed.

e.       During a session, please avoid using your cell phone, eating, leaving, and having distracting movement in the background. Please avoid having any inappropriate images in your background. Remember, though you may not be on campus, you will be involved in a UTPA tutorial session, and students are expected to follow the rules and guidelines addressed in the Student Code of Conduct.

2.      Time Managing Your Skype Tutorial Session

a.       All Skype tutorial sessions will run for about 30 minutes. Have a set of questions and/or key challenging areas prewritten before your session to ensure optimal time management during your session.

b.      Technical difficulties may occur during a session; however, due to scheduling, sessions will not exceed 30 minutes. Try to utilize broadband connection or a secure WiFi connection, which Skype recommends, to avoid technical difficulties.    

                                                                          i.      Depending on your device, keeping still during a session may help avoid frozen or choppy video quality, which may lead to disconnection.

c.       If connection is lost during a Skype tutorial session, it is your responsibility to re-establish connection with the tutor or University Writing Center either on Skype by video calling or by phone to the University Writing Center @ 956-665-7977. Once 30 minutes from the scheduled time passes and connection is not reestablished, the session will be cancelled. It is your responsibility to reestablish contact with the tutor or University Writing Center by phone, E-mail, or in person to reschedule an appointment.

3.      Utilizing Your Skype Tutorial Session

a.       Address your initial concerns with your writing to the tutor. Utilize location and signal phrases, such as paragraph two, first three lines, introduction, and page one to help the tutor locate areas of concern.

b.      If your internet connection is secure and minor connection problems seem to occur, try placing your paper in front of your camera to visually direct the tutor to a problem area.

c.       When talking with the tutor, try to avoid whispering or overly loud voice volume; instead, use a clear and steady voice.

4.      Obtaining Additional Information Based On Your Skype Tutorial Session

a.       After your session, you will receive an E-mail synopsis of your session from the Writing Center to your UTPA E-mail containing the tutor’s name, a brief summary of the session, suggestions by the tutor, and PDF handout attachments over the areas of concerns addressed in the session. These handouts may provide you with additional support and study skills for your writing.

This synopsis E-mail will be treated as the equivalent to the paper stamp professor’s may require. Print out this E-mail and attach it to the top or bottom of the assignment version assisted with in the Skype tutorial session. 

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