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September 25, 2016


On-Line Writing Lab

Would you like feedback from a tutor but cannot come into the University Writing Center (UWC) during the week? If so, you may be interested in using the UWC’s On-line tutoring service. On Fridays (after noon), all day Saturdays, and Sundays (before 4:00 p.m.), you can submit ONE written assignment (maximum 5 pages) for general feedback from a tutor (if you submit a paper during the week, it will not be reviewed until the weekend). Using the Microsoft Word comment feature, tutors will provide general feedback on global characteristics of a paper, such as organization and development, as well as comments on punctuation and grammar issues.

Please review the following guidelines before using the UWC's On-line Tutoring service:

  • You can submit one paper each weekend (group papers will not be accepted). Tutors can give feedback on the first five pages of an assignment submitted from current UTPA students. They will be glad to respond to a portion of a paper or answer quick questions (in E-mail form) if you prefer. If possible, please send your paper as an attachment using your broncs.utpa.edu email account (papers from other accounts are often filtered as spam, thus, not received in a timely manner by the tutor on duty). Once you access your broncs.utpa.edu account, compose a new message; address your E-mail to uwc@utpa.edu; and send the paper as a Word attachment.
  • The text of your E-mail must include your classification, the class and section you are writing for, a description of the assignment, a brief summary of your writing concerns, and your email address. Clicking on the “Attachment” command (often a paperclip symbol), attach your Microsoft Word paper (Macintosh papers or Works papers will not be accepted). By clicking on “send,” your e-mail (along with your paper) will be sent to the tutor on duty;
  • Tutors will respond only to papers that meet the guidelines above.
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