University Writing Center
October 21, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

» When are you open?
During each semester, tutors are available throughout the time the center is open except when training activities are scheduled. Please see Location and Hours.

» Do I need an appointment?
Appointments are not necessary; we serve students on a drop-in basis according to the order of arrival.

» What happens during a tutorial?
A tutor begins by asking the writer questions about the writing assignment. The writer's answers to the questions will help the tutor in responding to the assignment. Often, if a student already has a draft of a paper, the tutor will offer feedback on specific portions of the draft.  Otherwise, the tutor can assist the student at any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to offering revising and editing advice for that assignment or for future assignments.

» What should I bring to a tutorial?
The student should bring the assignment, books, notes, and professor's comments any information that will enhance the tutor's ability to offer feedback.

» May I use a computer?
All computers are available for academic use when the UWC is open. Students need an activated e-mail user name and password to log-on to the system. Students should bring their own flash drives to save their documents since all materials are deleted when the student logs off the computer. Students may print material free of charge as long as the number of pages being printed is reasonable.

» How often can I use the UWC?
Students can come to the center as often as they like, but tutorials work best when students allow time to reflect on the tutorial and respond to suggestions made by the tutor. From mid-semester to the end of the term, writing center usage is high; therefore, students often have to wait for an available consultant.  

» Do I have to pay the tutor?
All services of the UWC are free to anyone who is part of the university community.

» Are tutors available in the summer?
Yes, University Writing Tutors are available in the summer. However, summer hours are a little different from the spring. Tutors are available 8-5 Monday through Thursday, and 8-1 on Friday.

» Is the weekend online writing service always available?
The online tutoring service is available every weekend during the semester.  The service is not available between semesters.  

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