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Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

Past Events 

Spring 2013

Fall 2012

  • Renewal @ Work Webinar
  • Ten Ways to Engage Your Students Actively Webinar
  • 9 Ways to Use Class Discussion to Promote Transformation Webinar
  • Engage Online Students with Targeted Feedback Webinar


Spring  2012

  • Peer Review of Teaching - by Dr. Kristen Croyle
  • Reflective Judgment Webinar in partnership with the Human Resources Department
  • Peer Review of Teaching: A Conversation About Experiences and Successful Practices - by Dr. Jonikka Charlton and Dr. Linda Matthews
  • Graduate Faculty Development Workshop - by Dr. Jan Allen


Fall 2011

  • How to Supercharge Your Productivity Webinar
  • Avoiding a Mid-Career Crisis Webinar
  • 7 Learner-Centered Principles Webinar
  • 7 Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning Webinar
  • Effective Teaching Webinar
  • Understanding and Promoting Student Engagement Webinar
  • How to Thrive Despite a Bad Boss and Difficult Colleagues Webinar
  • 5 Strategies to Engage Today's Student Webinar
  • Scholarship Made Easier Webinar
  • Best Practices for Publishing Webinar
  • How to Give Feedback People Can Hear Webinar
  • An Introduction to Classroom Assessment Webinar
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Peer Mentoring Program
  • How Regular Renewal Fuels Great Performance Webinar


Spring 2011

  • How Do We Motivate Students: Fostering Deep Learning-by Dr. Ken Bain
  • Using Research to Produce Better Teaching-by Dr. Ken Bain


Fall 2010

  • Integrated Course Design for Significant Learning– by Dr. Stewart Ross
  • Active Learning in the Classroom – by Dr. Stewart Ross
  • The Art of the Brain – by Dr. James Zull
  • How to Focus in the Age of Distraction – Online Webinar
  • Living in a Last Minute World: Your Guide to Breaking the Crisis Management Cycle – Online Webinar


Spring 2010

  • Effective Mentoring – By Susan Franzen
  • What the Best College Teachers Do– By Dr. Kenneth Bain
  • Publishing Workshop for Faculty – By Dr. Tiffany Ana Lopez
  • Environmental Program Design– By Dr. Shirley Vincent
  • Grant Development Workshop – By Dr. G. Kinsman & Dr. D. Wallen
  • Conflict Resolution in Academic Departments– Online Webinar