How to Upload a Syllabus

Syllabi Upload instructions:

1. Go to, click on the Login button on the top right, and Log in with your UTPA username and password.

2. Faculty will need to click on the FACULTY tab which will show them a list of courses that they are scheduled to teach for the upcoming semester. For each of these courses, a Syllabus can be uploaded (in either Word or PDF formats) by clicking on the UPLOAD link.

3. Department Chairs/Designees will see an additional tab called DEPARTMENT and will be able to manage syllabi information for all courses for their department. They will also be able to run reports on missing Syllabi for the department by clicking on the Missing Syllabi link.

Please note that for non-classroom courses, such as independent study, directed research or internship courses, the following message can be uploaded in place of the syllabus: “No syllabus; this is a course with a highly variable subject content that is tailored specifically to individual students. Students will need to contact the instructor for more information” (for Thesis courses, nothing needs to be done as this will be done centrally). Also, for labs and/or practicum that are part of a large lecture course, the following message can be uploaded in place of the Syllabus: “No syllabus; this laboratory/practicum is an intrinsic and required part of a larger lecture course. See the corresponding course syllabus for details.”