Test Scoring Scantron Services

Location: Distribution Window, ground floor of the Computer Center (CCTR)
Service Hours: Test scoring scanning is available during normal UTPA business hours, 8:00a.m.– 5:00p.m., Monday – Friday.

Requests: Faculty must hand deliver the packet of test scantrons (form no. 30423) to the CCTR Distribution Window in order to be scanned and processed. Results will be emailed to the faculty member at his/her email address.

Only General Purpose – Scantron – Answer Sheet form no. 30423 are processed at this time.


  1. Faculty drop-off packet of test scantrons at the Distribution Services window (in the Computer Center) to be scanned and processed. The packet must include:
    • One KEY scantron containing:
      • The word “KEY” in positions 1-3 of NAME (case sensitive).
      • Fill out the bubble for the correct answer of each question
    • The students’ test scantrons
  2. Faculty must provide the following information to the window staff:
    • Starting Question Number
    • Ending Question Number
    • Course (i.e.MATH130101)
    • List any questions that should be ignored Ignore Questions (Y/N)
    • Include Student Response Matrix in score report (Y/N)
    • Include Item Analysis in score report (Y/N)
    • Faculty UTPA username
  3. Scantron packets are usually scanned right away and returned to the faculty, unless other instructions are given to distribution window staff.
  4. A program will process the scanner data and e-mail the Test Scoring report to the username provided by the faculty (only usernames are accepted).