Faculty Exit Interview


There are many reasons why faculty members decide to leave an institution. The UTPA Faculty Exit Feedback Process is designed to allow the University to systematically review these reasons, analyze the findings, identify patterns, and develop action plans and strategies to improve working conditions and increase faculty retention at UT-Pan American.


  1. The Faculty Exit Feedback and interview process will be handled and implemented by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.
  2. All exiting faculty will be invited to provide feedback through both an online questionnaire and an exit interview. Participation is voluntary.
  3. Shortly after receiving notification of a faculty separation, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs will contact the exiting faculty member and invite him/her to participate.
  4. The questionnaire will be sent to the faculty member via email. A personal interview will be scheduled with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (ideally after reviewing the questionnaire). An option for a telephone interview will be given if the faculty member declines to do a face-to-face interview.
  5. The information collected through the exit survey and interview is confidential and will not be placed in the faculty memberís personnel file. It will be reported in aggregate and will ONLY be used for continuous improvement purposes.
  6. The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs will issue an end-of-academic year report to the Provost with the aggregate results and findings, including any recommendations.


The instrument to be used by UTPA for the purpose of collecting feedback from exiting faculty is a combination of a questionnaire followed by a personal one-on-one interview. The survey will address the reasons for leaving UTPA and the level of satisfaction in eight major areas: (1) Compensation; (2) Benefits; (3) Departmental Support/Atmosphere; (4) College Support/Atmosphere; (5) Teaching; (6) Research Support; (7) General atmosphere at UTPA; and (8) Local area and Community life. To conclude, two additional open-ended questions will be included requesting additional comments on their experience at UTPA, the reasons for leaving, and recommendations on how to make UTPA a better institution for our faculty. The exit interview will follow-up on the survey questions seeking additional feedback and insight.