Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Q: How do I access the online course evaluations?

A: Logon to, and click on the Course Evals iconCourse Evals. You can also access the system by clicking on the link email with evaluation instructions or through ASSIST.

Q: What if I don’t have access to a computer?

A: Students can complete their course evaluations on any electronic device with web access (e.g., Smartphone, tablet, laptop, UTPA computer center workstation).

Q: Are my evaluations anonymous?

A: Yes, your anonymity will not be compromised. Your responses are strictly confidential and cannot be traced back to an identifiable computer or login.

Q: Can I opt out?

A: We strongly encourage all students to respond to course evaluations as your feedback matters! If you do not wish to complete an evaluation for a course, an “opt out” button can be found at the bottom of the evaluation screen. Opting out is recorded as a response and you will not be able to access that evaluation again.

Q: How long will the evaluations be available online for completion?

A: During the summer terms, evaluations will be available during the final week of class. In Fall and Spring semesters, evaluations will be available the last three weeks of class. In each term, all evaluations will close at 11:59pm on the last day of classes.

Q: How and when will results be reported to faculty?

A: Responses are compiled and reported in aggregate. Faculty will receive the results from evaluations only after grades have been recorded.

Q: How can I see the results of course evaluations?

A: Statistical results will be reported via the UTPA website,

Q: Will completing online Faculty/Course evaluations affect my grade?

A: No, whether you complete the evaluations or not, your grade will not be affected.

Q: Why am I blocked from seeing my grades?

A: Completing course evaluations is a requirement of all classes. In order to gain priority access to viewing your grades, simply complete your course evaluations or select the "opt out" option on the first page of the evaluation. If you fail to complete the evaluation for a course within the window, you must wait until the standard date of grade release to view your grades.

Q: I am enrolled in a class but do not see it listed in my course evaluations. Is there a problem?

A: Courses with fewer than 5 students enrolled are not evaluated; this is to protect student anonymity. If your class has more than 5 students enrolled but is not showing up in your course evaluations menu (and the evaluation window is open), please send an email to