Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

Q: How do I login and access the Faculty/Online Course evaluations?

Course EvalsA: Login to then click on the “Course Evals” icon.


Q: What are the five System-mandated questions?

1.      The instructor clearly defined and explained the course objectives and expectations.
2.      The instructor was prepared for each instructional activity.
3.      The instructor communicated information effectively.
4.      The instructor encouraged me to take an active role in my own learning.
5.      The instructor was available to students either electronically or in person.

Q: Can students opt out of completing course evaluations?

A: There is an “opt-out” button at the bottom of each course evaluation. Opting out is recorded as a valid response to the evaluation; once students opt out, the evaluation will register as having been completed and students will not be able to access the evaluation again.

Q: Can students leave comments?

A: Students are given the option, and are indeed encouraged, to leave comments on every evaluation.

Q: Can I add my own set of questions?

A: Yes, you may customize your course evaluations by adding your own set of optional questions.  Faculty-supplied questions will appear after the System-mandated 5 questions.

Q: Where can I find instructions to add my own questions?

Q: Can I request paper-based evaluations instead of online evaluations?

A: No. Official UTPA course evaluations will be conducted through Course Evals, the online system.

Q: How will students access course evaluations?

A: Students can complete their course evaluations on any electronic device with internet access. They will receive automatically-generated reminders via email and text message, with links to the Course Evals website. When students login, they will access course evaluations for all of their classes in one place. They can also access Course Evals through and through ASSIST.

Q: How can I encourage my students to participate?

A: Please include the course evaluation blurb in your syllabi (see sample syllabus below). Sharing information with your students about the significance and value of evaluations will also help increase participation, as will reminding students when the evaluation window is open. Faculty may also dedicate the first few minutes of a class session to allow students to complete their online evaluations on their laptops/smartphones.

Q: How will I know if my students are completing the online evaluations?

A: At weekly intervals during the evaluation window, you will receive an email listing the percentage of students in your classes who have completed their evaluations.

Q: Is there a minimum enrollment for student course evaluations?

A: Yes, courses with fewer than five enrolled students will not be evaluated. If you have a special circumstance, please contact Faculty Affairs (

Q: How long will the evaluations be available online for completion?

A: During the summer terms, evaluations will be available during the last week of class. In Fall and Spring semesters, evaluations will be available the last three weeks of class. In each term, all evaluations will close at 11:59pm on the last day of classes.

Q: When will I receive course evaluation results?

A: The results of the course evaluations will be sent in an email directly to you 2 ½ weeks after grades have been posted.  Once released, results can be accessed at any time by logging into Course Evals.

Q: How will evaluation results be used?

A: Responses to mandatory questions 1-5 will be made publically available, as per Texas House Bill 2504, and reported to UT system.  They will also be reported as part of UTPA’s Tabular Summaries. The  students’ comments along with any professor-supplied questions (which are optional to students) will be reported only to the faculty member, though some departments or colleges may require reporting as part of their review process; consult your department chair.

Q: What information on course evaluations should I include in my syllabi?

A: For Spring 2014: Mandatory Course Evaluations period (April 9 – April 30): Students are required to complete an ONLINE evaluation of this course, accessed through your UTPA account (; you will be contacted through email with further instructions. The evaluation window closes at 11:59 pm on April 30th, the last day of spring classes. Students who complete their evaluations by April 30th will have priority access to their grades.