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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FARS, and what is Digital Measures (DM)?

    FARS is UTPA’s new Faculty Activity Reporting System, and Digital Measures (DM) is the name of the company that developed “Activity Insight,” the database software for that system, a secure and reliable web-based tool for faculty to collect, manage and report their teaching, research, and service activities, along with their accomplishments and professional activities. Once the activities are entered this information is easily accessible and ready to use again and again. COBA faculty has used DM to keep track of their activities at UTPA for 3+ years.

  • What are the benefits of FARS?

    FARS provides a single point of entry for data that is frequently sought. Faculty members can use the system to organize many facets of their academic and personal careers. Administrators can generate reports from FARS data, eliminating the need for frequent requests that faculty submit information on publications or other productivity information.

  • Do I have to use FARS?

    Yes. Maintaining an accurate profile is important. Starting in fall 2014, internal documents (including CVs and tabular summaries) for annual review and tenure and promotion will be generated through FARS. Furthermore, Texas House Bill 2504 requires that all public universities make available online information on faculty members' "post-secondary education," "teaching experience," and "significant professional publications." UTPA will generate those profiles from FARS records.

  • Who will have access to the information in my FARS record?

    Faculty members have full access to their own accounts. Department Chairs, Deans, Faculty Affairs, and the Provost’s Office have access as well. In addition, department or college administrative assistants may be given access to records to enter or update data.

    Only information required by state law (post-secondary education, teaching experience, and professional publications) will be posted online in faculty profiles with content drawn from your FARS record. You control which information is posted publically through your FARS account.

  • How does FARS relate to the evaluation of faculty for tenure, promotion, or annual review?

    FARS is merely a tool for collecting data. All criteria for evaluation are determined by departments, colleges, and the university through the procedures described in the Handbook of Operating Procedures. FARS will have no effect on assessment or evaluation criteria. The program will simply make generating reports for those evaluations easier.

  • Who will enter my information?

    Some data, including "Permanent Data," "Yearly Data," and "Scheduled Teaching" will be imported automatically from Banner and Oracle. For the initial implementation, each college will hire data entry workers to facilitate the initial entry of faculty CV information (primarily publications, presentations, and other intellectual contributions). Faculty will have final control over the content of their records and will be able to work with the data entry workers to revise their records or, if preferred, revise their records themselves. Following the first year, faculty will be responsible for updating their records.

  • How do I enter or update my information?

    Click on the "login" link at left, or direct your browser to Login with your UTPA username and password. Click on the "manage my data" link in the menu on the left side of the screen. You may edit entries in any section by clicking the "edit" link. Add entries by clicking "add". Detailed instructions and tutorials can be found in the “Instructions and Demonstrations” link at left.

  • How often do I have to update my record?

    Eventually, the Provost Office will require that tabular summaries and CVs used for internal purposes (e.g. tenure and promotion and annual review) will be generated through FARS. Faculty should plan to update their records with relevant activities at least once a year, normally in the fall, in advance of the deadline for these reports. FARS is, though, accessible year-round, and faculty often find it easier to update their records as events occur, works are published, etc.

  • Whom do I contact for help?

    Each college has at least one faculty administrative contact and one staff contact. Click on the "Contacts" link at left to find your contact. You can also contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at