Undergraduate Research

What is undergraduate research and what are the benefits?

Universities have the unique role of not only sharing and honoring traditions of knowledge, but of asking new questions about what we know, finding solutions to new problems, and creating new knowledge that potentially transforms our worlds. That is the nature of academic research.

When students collaborate with and are mentored by faculty in academic research, those students learn by experiencing how concepts and methods they learn about in classrooms are applied to questions in the world around us.

There are many opportunities for UTPA students to participate in research beyond the classroom. Students who do active research also learn to present and publish research findings, gaining valuable professional experience and enhancing competitiveness for graduate study and career placement. Every year, UTPA hosts its annual Undergraduate Research Conference. For more information on this event and how to prepare, visit our UR Conference website here.

There are many routes to creating research opportunities. Seek the advice of a faculty mentor, contact our office to find out about upcoming funding and presentation/publication opportunities, and dive in!