UNIV 1301

Many of you will take a course called UNIV 1301: Learning Framework during your first year at UTPA. This course is designed to help you “learn about learning” so that you’re better able to succeed in your other courses at the university and learn how to build great habits for studying, managing your time, and assessing your own strengths and weaknesses as a learner. UNIV classes are set up so that each section is dedicated to students from a particular College, so you’ll be able to form friendships and study groups with students who share similar interests as yours. Everyone is welcome to take UNIV, but it isn’t required for everyone; check out the latest information on enrollment criteria.


  • What is the Learning Framework course? The Learning Framework course is designed to improve students’ understanding of the learning process and their ability to succeed in college. The class focuses on how adult students learn, how they think and make judgments, what motivates them in pursuit of higher education, and how they can apply different methods of learning and motivation to their university courses as well as to their major and career. The class will also teach you about the latest research findings in the psychology of learning, cognition and motivation. Ultimately, the purpose of the course is to enhance student success.
  • What will I be doing in the class?  What is the class like? In this class, you will put your new knowledge about thinking, learning and motivation to practical use right away. There will be some textbook assignments, but a good deal of the class involves interacting with other students as well as with your instructor. You’ll apply new learning strategies in a variety of ways. You’ll be using reading, writing, speaking, listening, and innovative learning strategies throughout the course.
  • Will the class be helpful? Yes! Students who have completed the Learning Framework course frequently have more success with their courses and are more satisfied overall with their university experience. You’ll also gain an understanding of general education requirements and the core curriculum.  Instead of viewing your classes in isolation, you’ll learn about the interrelatedness of courses and disciplines. And because you’ll learn to apply new learning strategies in this course, you may notice better grades and/or satisfaction with your courses and other university experiences right away.

Faculty who teach UNIV 1301 work almost exclusively with first-year students, so they have a lot of experience helping students like you make the transition to university life. They are very approachable and committed 100% to your success. Take a look at who your UNIV instructor might be!


Sophia Montero
Michelle Alvarado
Irma Infante
Jaime Mancha
Marcy McQuillen
Kelly Morales
Ernesto Ramirez
Joan Reed
Jose Saldivar