Focus on First Year

At UTPA, we want your first experiences with us to be engaging and intellectually exciting, so we have designed a comprehensive program, through which we hope to offer you immediate opportunities to

  1. Make lasting connections to other students and faculty on campus, particularly those from your chosen college
  2. Engage in hands-on learning both inside and outside the classroom
  3. Come to see yourself as contributing scholars who are part of a larger community of engaged students and citizens.

To those ends, we are kicking off a new program to engage all first-year UTPA students in a year-long discussion of a common book. You’ll receive a free copy of the book at Bronc Round-up, and faculty, students, and staff will participate in a variety of events related to the book throughout the rest of the academic year. A peer mentoring program will also pair experienced upper-level students with groups of first year students enrolled in UNIV 1301.