Academic Assessment

Academic assessment at UTPA consists of three major components. First, each academic department and program conducts regular Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessments of each academic major. This is a continuous assessment of student performance on the student learning outcomes for each undergraduate and graduate program for use by the program in continuous improvement of instruction and curriculum. Its primary purpose is to give program faculty the information they need to help our students learn what is important in the discipline. To aid faculty in planning and carrying out SLO assessment, you can read more in UTPA’s SLO Assessment Manual.

The second component of program assessment is the academic Program Review that occurs in cycles of 7 years for all academic units. Each year a group of academic units will complete a comprehensive self-study of their undergraduate and graduate programs. These self-studies will be reviewed by external reviewers as well as internally. Prior to 2012, program review outside of program accreditation occurred only within the university. Campus-wide external program review began in 2012. Programs that are externally accredited will not be asked to separately engage in additional program review.

Finally, UTPA has committed to a regular review of the university core curriculum. The responsibility to lead this effort lies with the University college in cooperation with departments and faculty that offer courses in the core curriculum and the campus community broadly.

For more information about principles of accreditation from our regional accrediting body (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, or SACS), please visit the SACS website.

SLO Assessment Resources

Two Year Review Instructions


For SLO Assessment Questions or Assistance, please contact:
Mauricio de León 
Academic Assessment Coordinator


For Technical & Training Assistance with Tracdat, please contact:
Thelma Leal
Senior Institutional Research Associate