Upper RGV P-16 Council

P-16 Regional Councils
P-16 Regional Councils are significant civic structures that exist to meet the goal of the state's higher education plan. Membership in each Council includes leaders from regional education service centers, public school districts, community colleges, at least one public or private four-year institution of higher education, business representatives who are members of local workforce boards or chambers of commerce, and representatives from civic and/or community organizations. The broad goal of P-16 councils in Texas is to work collaboratively to improve college and career readiness, participation, and success.

P-16 Regional Councils are formed to address the following goals:

  • Advance regional efforts to target, design and implement systemic actions to establish college-going habits and traditions in middle and high schools, particularly to increase Hispanic college participation and completion rates;
  • Improve parental outreach;
  • Increase awareness of College and Career Readiness Standards;
  • Ensure the work will be carefully managed and monitored;
  • Engage systems, institutions, civic and business leaders and build region-wide ownership; and
  • Communicate with its various partners in clear and regular ways so as to remain focused on the work.

You will find more information about the Upper RGV P16 Council, including minutes and agendas, as well as news and resources, at their website.