Vertical Alignment

In partnership with local school districts, UTPA has partnered with South Texas College, local school districts, and Region One to establishing local vertical alignment teams composed of secondary and post-secondary faculty and administrators. The vertical alignment teams have received financial and professional development support from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board through the Pathways and the Academic Vertical Alignment Training and Renewal projects.

What are the vertical alignment team goals?

  • To improve access to, analysis of, and use of data to inform decision-making at secondary and post secondary levels
  • To create sustainable collaboration between secondary and post secondary educators and institutions through face-to-face, subject-specific, vertical teams, and
  • To expedite successful student transitions from secondary institutions to and through post secondary institutions

What are the Current RGV Pathways Project Activities?
Regional science secondary and post secondary vertical teams are meeting on a monthly basis. The teams are examining qualitative and quantitative student level data and will use what they learn to fuel interventions designed to increase student success.