Do you wish you had a faculty member in your major area who could mentor and guide you as you try to learn more about your chosen profession? How nice would it be to have a more experienced peer to go to when you need answers or just have access to someone who’s experienced the same things you’re going through and came out of it successfully? UTPA puts a high premium on mentoring undergraduates like you. Through a variety of university-wide programs like the Bronc Mentoring Experience and the Sophomore Academic Mentoring program, we try to reach out to students and help ease the transitions from high school to college and from your first year to your second and third. These programs, as well as a program in the College of Business Administration, assign experienced peer mentors to groups of first-year students.

UTPA also is dedicated to mentoring opportunities which bring you into contact with faculty from your major areas of study as early as your first year. The Freshmen Faculty Mentoring Project pairs faculty mentors from your designated college with groups of UNIV 1301 students. Students in the program complete a rewarding hands-on project which introduces them to the kinds of things they will do as they progress in their studies. Another great way to find a faculty mentor is to engage in undergraduate research projects; you get experience doing real research in an area that interests you, and you get to develop a stronger professional relationship with a faculty member who’s doing research that matters to your development as a scholar and a future professional.