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You're on campus... You've got your schedule. You've got your books, but you also have questions. Am I in the right major for the career I want to enter? What is the Dean's List? What is Academic Probation and Suspension? I am starting to fall behind in my classes. Where can I go and what can I do to turn my grades around?

Academic Advisors help students select classes, that's true. But, with advising staff located in South wick Hall and in every College on campus, the University Academic Advising Center (UAAC), has much more we can do to assist you.

Just count the ways:

  1. We help you understand academic policies now, so you won't have academic problems or have to pay more later.
  2. We provide information about academic programs, admissions requirements, road maps and other resources to keep you on track for your chosen major and graduation.
  3. If you are confused or want to change your major, we have trained professional guidance counselors who will help you identify a career of your choice based on your interests, strengths, abilities and values.
  4. If you are having academic difficulty, our advisors will meet with you to identify obstacles to your academic success and assist you in creating an academic success plan.
  5. Academic advising is much more than schedules, it's about being your partner in achieving academic success.
  6. If you have questions, we hope you will find a friendly face and helpful assistance at the University Academic Advising Center.

Contact Information

Academic Advising Service Desk: South wick Hall, Room 101A
Phone #: (956) 665-7120
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