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College of Engineering & Computer Science Current Degree Plans

Computer Engineering (back to top)

  • CENG Degree Plan
  • CENG Sample Road Map

BSCS in Computer Science (back to top)

  • BSCS- CSCI Broad-Field Degree Plan
  • BSCS-CSCI Broad-Field Sample Road Map

Electrical Engineering (back to top)

  • ELEN Degree Plan
  • ELEN Sample Road Map

Manufacturing Engineering (back to top)

  • MANE Degree Plan
  • MANE Sample Road Map


Mechanical Engineering (back to top)

  • MECE Degree Plan
  • MECE Sample Road Map

Civil Engineering

  • CIEN Degree Plan
  • CIEN Sample Road Map





** NOTE: Plans not listed here students need to check with department for accurate class sequence.

Please note that these are unofficial degree plans and any specific details or questions need to be verified with an advisor or with the department.