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College of Arts & Humanities Current Degree Plans and Minors

Undecided Major Road Map


Art (back to top) AH-BFA-ART

Studio Art


Graphic Design


Art  - Non-Certified (back to top)


Art Education - Certified ALL Levels (back to top)


Communication Studies (back to top) AH-BA-CSTU

Communication Studies - Non-Certified


Communication/Speech - Teacher Certified


Mass Communication (back to top) AH-BA-MACO

Mass Communication Degree Plan

Advertising - Public Relations Track


Print Track


Broadcast Studies Track


Journalism - Teacher Certified


Theatre (back to top) AH-BA-THEA

Theatre Degree Plan

Theatre - Performance Track


Theatre - Design Track


Theatre- TV/Film Track


Theatre - Teacher Certification Track


Dance (back to top) AH-BA-DANC

Dance (with Teacher Certification)


Dance - Performance (Non-Certified)


English (back to top) AH-BA-ENGL

English - (Non-Certified)


English Teacher Certified 4-8


English Teacher Certified 8-12


Englsih Teacher Certified 8-12 (ESL)


History  (back to top)


Social Studies Composite - Teacher Certified (back to top)


Mexican American Studies (back to top)


Philosophy (back to top)


Music Performance (back to top)  AH-BM-PERF

MUSIC Majors Guide Sheet


Performance Applied Instrumental (Non-Cert)


Performance Applied Keyboard (Non-Cert)


Performance Applied Vocal (Non-Certified)


Music Education (back to top)  AH-BM-MUSE

MUSIC Majors Guide Sheet


Instrumental (ALL Level Certification)


Vocal (ALL Level Certification)


Spanish (back to top)

Spanish (Certified)

Spanish (Non-Certified)


French (back to top)

French Degree Plan (Non-Certified)





* Major will not be available in UT-RGV

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