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What is the Early Warning System (EWS)?

EWS is a retention device in which faculty complete an online report of their students' academic progress. From online classrolls, progress report letters and/or emails are generated and sent to students. This correspondence includes comments the instructor has made regarding the student's academic progress and it encourages them to contact their instructor and/or a URAP Student Development Specialist (SDS) to discuss academic challenges they may be experiencing.

How does the EWS work?

  • Online classrolls are available as early as the 1st class day.
  • Instructors are asked to submit online classrolls within a timely manner.
  • Letters for courses submitted weekly are printed every Monday, signed and mailed by URAP staff.
  • Students receive letters and/or and emails and contact their instructor, or URAP Student Development Specialist.

Early Warning Benefits…

  • Students are aware that their progress is being monitored early in the semester.
  • Students are provided with a realistic view of their need to seek academic assistance.
  • Students are offered time and opportunity for grade improvement.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to communicate with faculty and support staff.

EWS Details And Instructions